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1991 J-Horror. The final film in his acclaimed Taisho trilogy, maverick filmmaker Seijun Suzuki directs his bizarre, hallucinatory tale about the tortured inner world of famed 1920s painter Yumeji Takehisa.

The film opens with a woman in a gloriously red kimono standing on a tree branch and appears to have no face.....

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anon (11/13/2008 @ 5:37 am)
not great.
Reese (11/14/2008 @ 8:24 am)
Awesome movie!
kristen (1/13/2009 @ 10:36 pm)
The beginnig is boring, so I stopped watching...I don\'t know about the ending.
Meri (6/25/2009 @ 10:10 am)
I didn\'t like this movie. It was very long and I didn\'t get it. The only think i didi like was the women in kimonos, always a joy to watch, but otherwise the movie was weird and I just wanted it to end.
gigi (6/29/2009 @ 7:40 pm)
movie is totally soo good