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Visits: Hungry Ghost Anthology

Where Got Ghost?

 Visits: Hungry Ghost Anthology (2004) Malaysian , asian Horror

(Malaysian 2004)

Four bone-chilling tales make up this atmospheric horror film from Malaysia.

The 4 horror tales are set during the Chinese Hungry Ghosts Festival in cosmopolitan Kuala Lumpur.
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Rinne (11/15/2009 @ 5:39 pm)
This was great.very spooky.
momo (11/15/2009 @ 7:25 pm)
very creepy~ liked it.
plop888 (11/16/2009 @ 12:02 am)
I really like these stories about Ghost Month. I grew up in Canada, so the closest thing we had to it growing up was Hallowe\'en. Thanks for posting.
fred13t (11/16/2009 @ 12:57 am)
I liked this one a lot.4 interesting and creepy stories from Malaysia.
trui (11/16/2009 @ 3:57 am)
Great Movie
nutty (11/16/2009 @ 4:28 am)
Only got 2 words to describe this movie...
Slow & Boring -.-
Brightpuddle (11/16/2009 @ 4:33 am)
Very Interesting and atmospheric Horror.So cool to get an insight into these age old traditions of Hungry ghost Month for people like me who do not live in an Asian Country.
LouLou4u (11/16/2009 @ 8:27 am)
Pretty good stories...some are a lil hard to figure out tho, inconsistent. To many unanswered questions...6/10 overall.
chashire. =3 (11/16/2009 @ 2:39 pm)
Their chinese sounds very weird.... and the movie is very slow. I think they need to brush up more on the chinese grammar usage. Rating is 4.5/10. The movie lacks clarity!! creativity is average.. -_- Horror/suspense is just average. SFX fail... -_- lacks the effects. Story line failed Lacks clarity. Use of symbolism and emphasis none. This movie is a total failure cannot compete against the asian movie market.
Potter (11/16/2009 @ 6:33 pm)
I like these stories.Its Nice to have a few different creepy stories in one Movie .
michaelj1900 (11/16/2009 @ 7:04 pm)
last of the 4 ,was the best
however nothing really special here
carity was needed in all the storys
death (11/17/2009 @ 5:54 am)
Boring. Ultimately boring.
Light-bloom (11/17/2009 @ 2:40 pm)
Interesting and spooky short stories.
Alice (11/17/2009 @ 11:36 pm)
It\'s called Malaysian Chinese!!! That why is funny lol.... It\'s good to see Malaysian Horror movie in here... It\'s true about the Hungry ghost festival in Malaysia.. Thanks you for loading this... You guys rock:)
prettyandsmart (11/18/2009 @ 3:17 am)
thx for the upload ... I enjoyed the first 3 stories but not the last one ... more mandarin movies please!!! I was in Malaysia summer 2006 and 2007 ... they warned us on the plane that if we get caught bringing drugs into the country we\'ll get the death penalty ... but there\'s still a club scene there and can they dance
HaitiPI (11/20/2009 @ 4:42 am)
To Chashire 3: You comment made it appear that you speak a Chinese language. (Notice that I said A Chinese)If so, you would know that there are numerous dialects and variations. Much like there are variations on English. See, these movies are educational.
mscash1 (11/20/2009 @ 9:58 am)
not bad!! :)
Meri (3/8/2010 @ 11:58 am)
I liked the second story the most but it was kinda ruined with the anemic acting. When watching a movie you shouldn't be able to tell where they were told to look there or turn the doorknob in a certain way or something. The first one was cute but the ending was kinda awkward. The third one was a little childish and obvious, still ok though. The last story was really interesting! The effect was really unique and realistic (kinda reminded me on satsu satsu ayame) and made me feel genuinely nervous. I loved the sudden switch to real movie-like camera after the long surveillance-camera-intro. You have to be patient to understand this kind of a new approach. The last one really made this worth while.
Aida (6/3/2010 @ 2:18 pm)
Sada, video not found
leonmyster (6/30/2010 @ 5:40 pm)
video does not work for part 1 and part
2. please fix
shy (7/17/2010 @ 8:15 am)
video not found.
HadaObscuraENID (8/4/2010 @ 6:43 am)
It says: "Video not found or access denied".
=( :(