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Japan Horror Anthology: Underworld

Japan Horror Anthology: Underworld

Japan Horror Anthology: Underworld

A collection of ghost tales from the prolific productions of Inagawa Junji, Japan's predominant contemporary master storyteller of Japanese ghost tales. Here you experience six supernatural ghost stories haunting contemporary Tokyo-ites.

The tales include Chain Mail ,Left Behind in the Mountain,Tattoo,Viewfinder's Memory ,Guardian Angel,Mortuary

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VincentV (9/26/2008 @ 6:11 am)
Wow that was good. The girl is pretty hot. What a horrible thing suicide is, but what a wonderful Granny she had! Good, good movie, terrific acting & writing in this one.
CyreneQ (1/19/2009 @ 4:53 pm)
Short and sweet. Only 17 minutes. But great!


I know suicide is not a laughing matter, but I found it weird that she tried to slit her throat, then she got to scared and tried to cut her stomach, she thought it might be too painful and then she settles for cutting her wrist only to be rescued by a flying bear. lol Bears to the rescue!
mike (3/5/2009 @ 5:01 pm)
Interesting movie , great job director need more like this stuff. get more stuff like this keep it coming. thx for a nice movie.
Christine (5/14/2009 @ 11:35 pm)
Very good movie...the bear is funny!!I would be so scared if my bear hit me lol!
quillan (7/3/2009 @ 7:46 pm)
sweet movie
the bear bit was funny lol
i miss my grandma :[
jin-seong (7/12/2009 @ 9:24 am)
well, it has sense anyway!!
LouLou4u (9/8/2009 @ 7:47 am)
This is a good one too...8/10
Meri (10/24/2009 @ 6:36 pm)
Cute. Funny how the granny called her a loser :P
AznDoll (1/3/2010 @ 4:41 am)
Awwwww!!! I cried dam im so emotional! I love thiss!!!!!!! Do we all have guardian angels? and it was funny with the teddy bear and it is soo cute when her grandma wrote loser on the window lol! This has ghosts, laughter, happiness, sadness, and a lesson in life. Something i like to watch more of than just gore and horror. 5 stars!!! Bravo
Red spider lily (3/31/2010 @ 8:34 pm)
It says the video was not found T.T and from the comments so far it makes me really want to watch it XD