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Sukob aka The Wedding Curse

Sukob aka The Wedding Curse

Watch Sukob aka The Wedding Curse   horror movie

fmovie 2006. Sandy and Phil, both OFWís in Dubai, are busy preparing for their wedding

Helenís husband dies in a plane crash. As Helen goes to the crash site, she dies in a bus accident. A few weeks later, Helenís mother suddenly disappears inside her house.... To Bookmark

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KeNnIx (12/23/2008 @ 4:00 am)
omg thanks you made it good thnx
U dont wanna know (12/24/2008 @ 2:31 am)
scared the crap out of me especially the scene in the church scene:the dead guy
jken (12/26/2008 @ 12:38 pm)
watch it guys, it\'s scary!! Better watch it with a date (if you know what i mean... hehehe...!)
Andrew (12/27/2008 @ 2:40 am)
REally scary!!!
Benjo (12/27/2008 @ 2:41 am)
All the scenes are very Shocking!
Dbest (12/30/2008 @ 8:51 am)
SEE!!!! Cheaters never win

now...what happens next???
shazza (1/3/2009 @ 12:34 am)
the video stopped after 72mins. help!!!
Hashi-Tashi (1/5/2009 @ 8:25 pm)
LOL, the dad in this movie is played by the same guy who played the grandfather in the Filipino remake of the My Girl drama! I dunno his name though, I just recognized him.
Hashi-Tashi (1/5/2009 @ 8:34 pm)
Oh, and @shazza and anyone who watches this... to \'bypass\' the famous (and irritating) Megavideo time limit to watch video, click on the video on a separate tab, pause it, let it load 100%, then do back to the tab and click \'file\' on your browser and select \'work offline\' to see the whole movie without interruption. I hope this helps! :)
shazza (1/6/2009 @ 1:23 am)
thanks for the tip, Hashi-Tashi!
DR (1/9/2009 @ 4:21 am)
I liked this better than fengshui/cursed mirror
AHM fan (1/13/2009 @ 10:09 am)
megavideo?! why megavideo?
danb (1/24/2009 @ 10:26 am)
everytime i openned and love to watch sukob, it\'s always not available. why? grrrrrrrrr!
inVietzAble (1/25/2009 @ 8:50 pm)
fcuk magavideo i hate megavideo megavideo sucks big giant cong kack!!!!
nicegirl (2/6/2009 @ 7:32 am)
watch this guys its scary!!
jen (2/9/2009 @ 11:16 pm)
i like this movie
Tsintsin (2/24/2009 @ 9:11 am)
Really scary but before i wasnt able to get why there\'s a wedding curse... But now i do understand because of this story.. Really scary.
Hate_Megavideo (2/25/2009 @ 4:32 pm)
tried Hashi-Tashi\'s method, but didn\'t work. aarrghh!!
Melhex (2/25/2009 @ 6:44 pm)
Good movie
susan (2/27/2009 @ 7:24 pm)
Please,have mercy,Megavideo,allow us to watch Sukob in full length !!!! your unfair !!!!
shyrelle (3/3/2009 @ 3:50 am)
omg! whats wrong w/MEGAVIDEO?
after watching this video for 72mins it will stop and tell us to w8 for 45mins!
do u guys upload videos to let people watch and make us happy or u are uploading videos to cheat people and make us upset?
i do believe now that u r UNFAIR!!!!
katelyn (3/3/2009 @ 3:59 am)
megavido is unfair!!!!!!!!
shyrelle (3/3/2009 @ 5:37 am)
i was wrong its not 45mins. its 54mins of w8ng!!!
i w8d for that long just to finish this video..
thank u MEGAVIDEO!!!! was that sarcastic???????
ihateleechers (3/13/2009 @ 4:40 am)
of all the ungrateful!!!!! just be grateful someone even bothers to upload videos like this for you people to enjoy. if you got a problem, go buy the original DVD dammit!
mindy (3/20/2009 @ 6:59 pm)
coolgirl (3/20/2009 @ 7:02 pm)
azizi (4/3/2009 @ 2:35 pm)
tanx for the tips Hashi-Tashi
soooooooooooooooooooo scary
watch it

tanx admin
AHM (4/15/2009 @ 4:55 am)
T_T u guys just exaggerate this movie. This movie just ok, its not that good. There a lot of better movies than this one on this site.
MayEdward (4/17/2009 @ 8:50 am) scary... scary...
...whats gonna happen...
...MegaVideo - u have watched 72mins of video today...
...please waste 54mins more of ur life before watching more...
... scary...
...dam that\'s scary...
MayEdward (4/17/2009 @ 8:55 am)
yes and as i wait out these 54mins, i can tell u that this movie is going left and right, trying to juggle what happened with helen from the past and what is hpning to sandy in the present. we know whats causing all these deaths, but after 72mins of the movie, there\'s still not a clue as to
(1) how to end the curse
(2) who is really behind the curse
(3) where the missing people went
72mins of juggling the past and the present in a limbo without a solution in sight.
Feng Shui was definitely a better movie than this
(with the same star actor as the main character)
EdwardMay (4/17/2009 @ 8:55 am)

I hate MagaVideo! Stop me at 1 hr 12 mins and 09 secs. Damn you MagaVideo.

btw, why is that ghost kid in peeking at that man\'s in his shower?
MayEdward (4/17/2009 @ 9:48 pm)
...ok...this movie was one of those random-killing movies. there\'s no immediate identification for the spirit that\'s responsible for all these deaths, but if you think about it, it\'s actually the embodiment of the badluck -- sandy and diana both married within 3yrs of each other; helen married within the mourning period of her father\'s death.

and so now that we have a hypothetical identity of this evil spirit thats taking everyone\'s lives away, the movie thus becomes a little more understandable. but the fact that over 82mins of the movie consisted of juggling 2 characters stories and without a clue of whats happening and how it could possibly end, the movie eventually lost my interest as it dragged on long enough.

unlike FengShui, it was interesting and thought provoking with clues here and there, foreshadowing. this one however, just killing and people missing.

the cast was a good one, but the story is the only thing i can criticize, which serves as the movie\'s backbone.

my rating -- 5/10
EdwardMay (4/17/2009 @ 9:48 pm)
Finally finish the movie a day after I started watching, its all because of the 54 mins wait from magaVideo.
Story line, is like what? Who started the curse? And the ghost of the mother randomly kill every- one who got married. She even killed her own son in law -.-

Anyhow, storyline i give 3/10, stars 5/10 movie budget 5/10, scariness and horror (a little girl wearing wedding gown walking around lol) 3/10

arrr, over all i give 4/10 I still wanna complain about the 54 mins of waiting from magavideo lol

MayEdward (4/17/2009 @ 9:50 pm)
oh yah, another thing
Diana: \"And i know that she is a good person\" referring to Sandy

and the next thing u know, sandy comes back from the dead to kill her own father.


i take back my 5/10 and give 4.5/10 -___-
Mikey (5/7/2009 @ 3:31 am)
Hi there, i was wondering if there is anyway of watching this movie away from Megavideo? I love watching movies that i dont get interupted in. I would like to thank you in advance if can be helped on this matter.:D
sada (ADMIN)
Firstly clear your browsers cookies, next block all cookies coming from Go to: Tools > Options (in firefox) Then click "Exceptions" and block "" & "" (without quotes) Method 1 All you do is start the video playing then pause it and let it buffer all the way to the end. Then press standby on your modem (or unplug it if you don't have a standby button) and watch the movie off/line, then hit play. (Instead of turning off/unplugging your modem, you can also try clicking File > Work Offline in your browser. But remember to change it back when you want to load another video.) You might need to copy/paste the megavideo url so it opens in a regular browser window that lets you work offline. The obvious drawback is that you are offline but, you can do this all-day if you want to have a marathon Megavideo session without that annoying video limit. --- Method 2 Unplug your modem from its power supply. The mailing address you have leased from your carrier will expire, as it will see that you are no longer online, and you therefore do not need an IP Address. Your IP Address currently being used will return to the pool of IPs available to use to your IP. Clear your cookies. This takes care of the client side monitoring being done on your machine. Wait 60 Seconds, then plug your modem back in. During the reinitialization of your modem, it will query your IP carrier for another IP Address from the pool of available ones, giving you a new IP Address. Reconnect to Megavideo by closing your browser and accessing the material again. Your cookies will be cleared, and Megavideo will have no record of your new IP Address on their server log. Enjoy another hour of uninterrupted content. (Method 2 won't work if you have a static IP)
25butterflies (5/12/2009 @ 6:45 am)
good creepy movie!! wow! but who came back from the dead at the end to kill sandy\'s father? his wife and his ex wife?
Wilson (5/18/2009 @ 9:38 am)
Megavideo sucks,
Pls change other link.
kaarin (5/20/2009 @ 6:09 am)
loved this movie, but liked feng shui better... never have trouble with megavideo, watch lotsa tv and movies through them
! tinkerbell i (5/29/2009 @ 12:01 pm)
good movies.
james (6/1/2009 @ 11:05 pm)
how can i watch full movies of sukob
LouLou4u (6/7/2009 @ 7:51 pm)
It was good most of the time.....the megavideo deal does suck tho!
So basically...the father was the intended victim?right? Why did everybody else have to die? Oh yeah....the curse of the \'mistress\'...whatever! it was just ok for me-jumped a few times but it got old after awhile! I give it a 3/5 is all....I\'m gonna try and see if feng shui is better as \'kaarin\' said in previous post! Thanx....
LouLou4u (6/7/2009 @ 7:56 pm)
hey feng shui isnt on ur index page...can u maybe find it & post? Id love to see it==thanx!
(6/11/2009 @ 4:59 pm)
grrrrr! what´s that?? wait for 54min?? that is grrrr!! but great
(6/12/2009 @ 8:56 am)
its hell. i mean tryin to watch it. to many server probs.
miina (6/13/2009 @ 6:49 am)
i have this movie. one of my faves. creepy flower girl. one of filipino horror\'s best.
Den (6/13/2009 @ 8:42 am)
AKO MISMO magsasabi World Class Pinoy
galing verry nice movie
i rate it 10+/10 ahaha ^_^
proudtobepinoy (6/13/2009 @ 3:19 pm)
tama ka jan....... Den.... 10/10 din ako.........
Blossom (6/15/2009 @ 1:59 am)
Too much trouble trying to watch it . gonna watch something else.
yoru (6/18/2009 @ 11:16 pm)
omg man megavid hell naw im not waistin my time.dont use megavid man hate the time wait.
Johnny Russo (6/25/2009 @ 3:00 am)
When I hit play it take me somewhere else, how you get this to work???
josh (6/25/2009 @ 5:44 pm)
takot ako
pennywise d clown (6/30/2009 @ 3:00 pm)
hey you guys those who are not filipino\'s for u 2 really understand this movie \"sukob sa kasal\' means to share a wedding date, is a filipino superstitious beliefs that siblings should not have a wedding on d same year coz it may cause bad luck..
unknown (7/5/2009 @ 1:32 am)
Alam nyo ba parang loka loka yang megavideo kahit nga sa ovguide nanood ako ng Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1 nag stop sabi ng megavideo you alredy watched 72 mins. please wait for 54 minuites. Nakaka inis pero ok lang napanood ko na ito sa ABS-Cbn eh! ^_^
uuhhmm (7/9/2009 @ 7:46 am)
i get the whole story and all, but then who was that little girl?
nef (7/18/2009 @ 11:49 pm)
Freaking scary! same actors in feng shui but i noticed most of the girls in this are hotties
ll (8/7/2009 @ 10:56 am)
kiri_kiri_kiri (8/7/2009 @ 10:56 am)
Although this was a good movie it is seriously overrated....
(8/17/2009 @ 2:42 pm)
MEGAVIDEO SUX (8/17/2009 @ 5:17 pm)
It\'s all bullshit anyway I tried both methods and MV still f&%$ed me!!
41 minutes A SECOND TIME to watch the last ten minutes of the bloody movie!!
72 minutes MY ASS
sad_ako (8/27/2009 @ 5:35 pm)
movie can not be played.. we can only see white screen on it. is this removed/broken?
Pamt (8/29/2009 @ 2:07 am)
Can someone find copy that is not on Megavideo? Plz?
aggie (9/20/2009 @ 12:32 am)
Hi May Edward, i disagree with you in your comparison between Feng Shui and Sukob. Although i haven\'t finish watching this movie cos d megavideo mode, i find that this movie is more interesting than Feng Shui. I would say that Feng Shui is a typical horror movie and is also quite predictable. Within an hour of watching \'Feng Shui\' i could predict that she would loose everything that she has at the end and that someone else would find the antics for the curse to be passed on. I would like to think of it like the American Movie \'Jumanji\'. This Sutob, however, would arose more of its audience attention and suspicion because the way i see it, there are more than one main character in the movie. Those are Sandy and the girl that\'s dead already (of which her wedding was cursed like Sandy). Moreover, finding that it is not her that causing the curse in Sandy\'s wedding allow more motives and plot in the movie and therefore made the movie more complicated and harder to guess.... I am really looking forward to the rest of this movie to finish. This one is definitly not a waste of my time....

Lets hope i will like the ending of the movie shall we? ;)


pinoy kid (10/17/2009 @ 7:51 am)
pls upload the movie \"SIGAW\" or \"The Echo\". it\'s also a great filipino horror movie. thanks a lot for posting these great movies. ^_^
ELI (10/26/2009 @ 6:46 am)
Haz (11/7/2009 @ 11:29 am)
This movie\'s great...
i\'ve watched it when it first came out
and it still creeps the hell out of
me the second time
and i agree that this is quite better
than \"Feng Shui\"
(11/27/2009 @ 1:10 pm)
I like the movie.But too bad i get to watch halfway only.Always prompt me to buy the megavideo.As i have already support your website by doing donation every month.Very lousy of this you know.Hope that you try not to upload into megaupload.Thx!!!!
Bruja (12/7/2009 @ 9:03 pm)
Very good film and worth a 54 minute wait (watched a different Pinoy horror while waiting). I think MayEdward/EdwardMay watched a different movie! Watch it again and I think all your questions and comments will be answered. I guess someone that has no belief in a curse (and is not Pinoy either). Thanks for all the tips on avoiding the Megavideo rubbish!!!!
Ark (12/20/2009 @ 2:19 am)
Bruja can you tell me where to watch Sukob with english subtitle,witout using the megavideo.As i can see the comment saying the megavideo it a shit.Thanks.
pinay666 (1/4/2010 @ 6:48 pm)
yoh pipol.....cant u see that SADA gave some tips on how to watch this movie in make it stay focus:

all u have to do is...:
1. buffer to movie from start to buffering it means u shud not watch the movie but letting it run/load till d end....
2. if ur done buffering/running/loading FILE on the left side of the window...
3. Upon clicking WORK as not to consume the whole minutes of watching the movie in megavideo...
4. Start watching the u can freely watch the movie from start to end...

*i hope this helps a lot guys....

*i\'ve seen this movie at the theatre and it scared the hell out of me...well the movie is kinda vague...even though im a filipino i didn\'t got the meaning of the movie at first watch...but deepest appreciation to Ms. Kris Aquino for projecting a horrific movie...well if u reli know her showbiz personality..she is reli different than the ones she project herself in her movies...but i love her...
qwerty (2/20/2010 @ 7:56 am)
You need to have a premium account on Megavideo to be able to watch unlimited movies.. If you don't have that, you'd only be able to watch a movie for 72 minutes then wait like an hour to finish it or watch another one.. I really wanna watch this movie but I need subtitles because I'm gonna watch it with my bf.