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Sky High

Sky High

Sky High

2003 J-Horror , Based on Tsutomu Takahashi's manga. When Detective Kanzaki Kohei's fiancée Mina becomes the enigmatic serial killer's latest victim, his mourning gives way to rage, sparking his search for the killer.

While Kanzaki's search turns into an all-consuming obsession, Mina arrives at the Gate of Rage where people who died of misadventure or murder go.

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willie (9/13/2008 @ 2:55 am)
I\'m Willie (9/13/2008 @ 3:39 am)
PIERCEDBUTTERFLY (9/13/2008 @ 6:08 pm)
This was a great movie. (^__^)
Ozzy007 (9/14/2008 @ 8:22 pm)
Not bad at all a story line and Kung Fu Yeahaaaaa
Melody (9/17/2008 @ 6:10 am)
Awesome Movie!!!
marvs (11/22/2008 @ 7:45 pm)
just ok..some flaws in the plot, bad make-up, so-so acting.but its fun to watch.
anon (11/30/2008 @ 4:49 am)
Yaktown (1/3/2009 @ 8:03 pm)
Excellent movie... I REALLY enjoyed it!!! Pleasantly surprised... I didn\'t expect much initially.
Abby (1/20/2009 @ 9:00 am)
Mina was the one who played Izuko on the SKYHIGH:face? hmmm...was this the prequeL?
skinny (2/10/2009 @ 3:00 am)
ok (spoiler here)how in the world can anyone walk around without a heart? if someone cut out my heart i would be dead right there. sometimes japanese movies are so dumb. sorry
Seph (2/26/2009 @ 1:51 pm)
This is ok, took me a few plays through over the years for it to really grow on me. I never once thought anyone in this movie could actually fight, sad. I love Ryuhei Kitamura movies, but I wish his fight scenes were better....u need people who can fight and a decent would be so cool...
Check out the movie called Versus for an absolute Kitamura classic. Sky High stays on my shelf, 6/10
eww (10/12/2009 @ 12:10 am)
some japanese girls are like soo mother effin annoying!!!!!
asianlover (10/29/2009 @ 12:39 am)
This movie moved me enough to write a comment about how much it sucked ass!

First of all the heart is in a rib cage which cannot be accessed that easily with a stupid looking double edged fork. Second noone can walk around without a heart and eventhough they did mention that point they never explained why it was possible in the movie. Third NONE of the so called \"guardians\" knew how to fight OR had any powers, I mean the first \"guardian\" was dead in the second strike literally and the only one who was actually good was Shuho who was alive on Earth. I wonder how they managed to protect the world till now with \"guardians\" like that. Fourth the laws of after life are ridiculous! According to that anyone who kills is going to hell even those who kill to save others, protect the world or for self defense. Seriously?
So Kudo would have never reached the gate if he had not been killed by the stupid photographer who BTW will go to hell for killing. Kudo also was bluffing as he could not kill anyone as that would send him to hell instead of the gate.
Fifth the sword that \"kills\" even the dead? Wow how much more stupid can that be..huh? Sixth somehow everyone who dies can bring materialistic stuff like 1 designer dress, sword, gun, rings, etc. Great! why don\'t we just hire a spiritual moving company and bring all our shit into heaven. How nice would that be...(sarcasm)
Now if I missed anything please excuse me.
astarte (11/8/2009 @ 7:52 pm)
diddn\'t really liked it, bit slow and predictable.
LouLou4u (11/10/2009 @ 7:26 am)
To teenager-ish for my taste....5/10
J_L 85 (12/6/2009 @ 11:53 pm)
Saw the movie. Not really a big fan of horror. This movie was the best, that\'s if you love sword fighting and hearts. I actually enjoy it.
tacochan1014 (12/28/2009 @ 4:51 am)
to asianlover: i think that her living without a heart is supposed to be more symbolic. It demonstrates the strength of human will. Plus...its a movie. lots of illogical things happen, even more so when they r based on mangas.
TokyoDogz (1/27/2010 @ 8:46 pm)
So.. does anyone know what the song is called what you hear in the movie trailer?