Samurai Reincarnation 2003 Remake

Samurai Reincarnation 2003 Remake

 WATCH Samurai Reincarnation 2003 Remake Horror Movie asian HORROR MOVIE  horror Movie Horror movie

(Japan 2003) (Many Thanks to ZoneDaiatlas)


This movie is a 2003 remake of the previously posted Samurai Reincarnation from 1981. 37,000 Peasants, many of them Christians, perished in the Shimabara Revolt: among them, the leader of that uprising, Shiro Amakusa.

Amakusa is resurrected from hell bent on revenging the death of his fellow comrades by over throwing the Shoganate. Shiro Amakusa resurrects an army of living dead swordsmen by "Makai Tensho" (Demonic transmigration).

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Alam (9/27/2010 @ 7:28 pm)
i am the first.......
but i have problem with his player please admin change the video player its really slow and gets stuck it wont play for me.
HT (9/27/2010 @ 7:39 pm)
It keeps stucking for me too,have tried on Mozilla, Google Chrome and IE. :(
Kezia Vadimas (9/27/2010 @ 8:10 pm)
Works fine for me, but better I can download it and watch it later with my man. Thanks AHM and ZoneDaiatlas!
plop888 (9/28/2010 @ 6:04 am)
@Alam- Divx is usually a high bitrate, so you have to let it buffer for a while before playing. The sound & picture are worth the wait ;)

Thanks for posting another new one.
sensei258 (9/28/2010 @ 8:19 am)
Rather well done. I expected a lot of cheap special effects like anal chainsaws and the like.
McLuvin75 (9/28/2010 @ 3:40 pm)
I have Div-X Pro and I can`t see the video. Div-x is not good if you have a slow connection like me Z-player is much better.
deathnell (9/29/2010 @ 12:43 pm)
I guess I made the mistake of watching the earlier version of this movie first. The first one is great for it's time, but I find the storyline in this one is a bit more disjointed. I stopped about a quarter of the way in as I lost track of the characters...
juby (9/30/2010 @ 9:37 pm)
i liked
shizuko (10/12/2010 @ 5:11 am)
Not as good as the original, but still worth a watch. 7/10
wintrade (12/24/2010 @ 1:40 pm)
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