Shogun's Sadism

Shogun's Sadism

 Shogun's Sadism (1976)  (English subtitles)  movies horror Movie Horror movie

Country & Year:   (Japan 1976)

Tags:   (Horror|Torture|Gore|18+)

Two short stories set in Edo during the Shogun era. 1. During a time when Christians are persecuted vehemently, Iori falls in love with young Christian girl. When she and her family are captured during a raid, his sadistic master takes her as her personal slave to torment him, and tries breaking her spirit by means of torture and pure sadism.

After Iori refuses to participate any longer he is exiled, but vows to get her back. 2. When Sutezo is forced to serve the cruel master of a brothel to repay his debts, he becomes friends with the young girl Sato. Together, they escape and try to get by on scams and theft.


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jonya (11/13/2010 @ 11:24 am)
This is the movie you can truely judge by the picture on the cover! What you see is what you get! Enjoy?
Font24 (11/13/2010 @ 2:37 pm)
Not for the faint hearted , I cant lie I really really enjoyed this , yes I probably am Sick and twisted =)
Mari (11/13/2010 @ 7:35 pm)
Gruesome and kind of nasty. The ending of the first story made me squirm. I had to turn the volume down to watch it. :P It's similar to Inferno of Torture, for those that have seen it. So yes, heed the warning and know this is a movie for those with a strong constitution. But still a good movie, especially considering when it was made.
Montif (11/13/2010 @ 11:49 pm)
Nice Movie.Thanks guys
plop888 (11/14/2010 @ 9:06 pm)
Totally sick & twisted. I liked it.
Thanks for posting.
illuminati (11/15/2010 @ 9:48 am)
omfg this movie is so sick
is the first part real history ??
some parts realy shockt me
illuminati (11/15/2010 @ 9:59 am)
i dont mind seeing my own kind getting tortured
bud somhow i have a weekness for asain ppl i cant stand when the get hurt specialy woman and children xD
bleh (12/5/2010 @ 6:21 pm)
sada requesting for other link

zshare or any flv tnx...

those player is not working smoothly
Kevin (1/9/2011 @ 12:42 pm)
puts thngs into perspective.fucking twisted bunch of crap
Smh (7/13/2011 @ 2:28 am)
Thank you for the erectile dysfunction. No real point to it, just gratuitous torture just for the sake of torture, I truly wish I can unwatch it because this is just disgusting. A sociopath's perfect movie.. *pushes ramen away*
(5/23/2014 @ 7:42 am)

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