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Ryeong aka Dead Friend

2004 K-Horror.Ji-won is a college student stricken by selective amnesia due to a near-drowning experience.The missing memory seems to suggest that she was a close friend with another girl, but the details remain fuzzy.

Meanwhile, her friends, members of a high school clique, are beginning to turn up dead.....


lucky (9/16/2008 @ 10:16 pm)
a MUST WATCH!!! intresting twist at near the end just when you thought you have everything figure out BAM!!!
prettyandsmart (9/17/2008 @ 8:00 pm)
I liked this movie ... it\'s a chick flick ... same girl from WHISPERING CORRIDORS III :Wishing Stairs AKA Yeogo goedam 3
(9/17/2008 @ 10:46 pm)
rthis is a great movie. with good actors
VincentV (9/23/2008 @ 6:15 am)
Guys, you can safely skip this one, I think it is more for the chicks... Still, if you gotta share a movie with a girl this will do. Pretty good actors but the story needs a do-over. Ah well.
unstoppablepower (9/23/2008 @ 11:34 pm)
Old motives, but clever use of them!
Wendy (10/5/2008 @ 3:19 am)
I have this movie -- my version is called \"Ghost.\" Yes, the same actress from Wishing Stairs and Muoi is in this. She always seems to be playing people who become possessed.
Wendy (10/5/2008 @ 3:20 am)
Vincent, I\'m kind of offended by your comments, it\'s a bit patronizing.
god realm (10/18/2008 @ 2:37 am)
hear this movie was great.the only way to know pain is to get thew pein
knx (11/23/2008 @ 6:52 am)
this is no chickflick it\'s pure asian-horror-love. it\'s simply awesome. xxx
flying_penguin (12/6/2008 @ 9:39 am)
lol. a chick-flick? i think it was very creative. i think it\'s one of my favorites now, and trust me i don\'t have many favorites.
knx (12/11/2008 @ 5:43 am)
8/10. xxx
666 (1/9/2009 @ 2:21 pm)
damn chick flicks now i gotta watch something manly to get my manhood back.
kolecasey (2/20/2009 @ 1:40 am)
Soul swapping, I like it.
Seph (2/26/2009 @ 11:05 am)
I watched this again on dvd last night for the 3rd time. It has taken 3 tries to really like it.
1st time, I didn\'t hate it, but I didn\'t really get it.
2nd time, I got that their main point but I still wasn\'t thinking enough about it.
3rd time, I loved it and was talking about it for an hour afterwards.
This is actually a good movie but it does have the hint of an extended horror show episode. Better than a TV movie, but you do need to give it a chance. You will see ghostly happenings and there is an intensity to the mystery worth getting into. A Nice twist and refreshing...once you get it that is. I give it 8/10
pinay666 (3/2/2009 @ 5:43 pm)
...wat can i say......

....its one of the best films dat asia has......

.....its not much scary though but d storyline is magnificent......

......the twist at d end...its d best thing.....

......hmmm.....u got to have d chance to decide wut wud be d ending.....hahahaha......

happy watching guys.....

thanx to d admin for uploading ds film...surely one of my fave\'s......
Meri (4/8/2009 @ 6:09 pm)
I loved this, it was so sad. I cried :,( The underwater scenes were stunning.
Anon (4/11/2009 @ 11:24 am)
A chick flick? How on earth do you figure it\'s a chick flick? Because the main character is a woman? I suppose if we\'re going to get ignorant about this, any main character that has a boy in it obviously is a dude-flick. And if it has something as simple as drama, that every boy, or girl goes through, death, ect, school drama, romance (which, there wasn\'t even much of.) home drama, def a chick flick. Close minded boys should really be careful about these sorts of things, wouldn\'t want to lose your man hood. Thank god we created a chick flick genre, right? I mean, I haven\'t heard of a click flick horror genre just yet, this could be the start of a whole new genre. Where does get off posting this? This should totally be right next to hot chick on the movie shelf. This should really be brought up to attention.
Mina Jae Eun (5/17/2009 @ 8:12 pm)
I dont really understand how a horror film can be a chick you like to call it.
It is a horror film, Based on a girl....Just like Wishing stairs, The dollmaster, The Red Shoes, Ect...
Are they these so called Chick flicks too!?!

You DO NOT understand the korean culture at all if you believe these films are made purely for girls!!
Mina Jae Eun (5/17/2009 @ 8:36 pm)
In other respect, This film was very good.
Not only the first, second or third.
But forth time i have seen it too. >U<
Almost as good as Pon!
EdwardMay (6/28/2009 @ 2:13 am)
*SPOILER*Movie is not bad, but too huge of a twist near the end, I did get what was going on, but my husband was like \"huh???...\"

I agreed with my husband, its has a good storyline and few scary moments. but the twist really did get the audiens confused till the ghost reveal >.<

Sad Su-In, dam Ji-Won. Ji-won deserve to die, taking Su-In\'s friendship for granted. Die Ji-Won die :p I cant stand chick flick

7/10 thx*SPOILER*
MayEdward (6/28/2009 @ 2:17 am)
*SPOILER*Pretty good of a movie, detective style horror figuring out who did what and what happened. Throughout the movie, the bullied victim\'s identity was sort of obscured by putting various faces as the one being bullied. That for me was confusing the hell out of me until the end where we find out Su-in (the real face of Su-in) was the one being bullied, and then a few clues as to what she meant when she and a few others said throughout the movie.
A big twist, revealing the nature of this *selective amnesia*.

THE ENDING --spoiler--
Its clear that Jiwon\'s soul got pushed out of her own body when Su-in drowned. Su-in\'s spirit became the Jiwon we knew throughout the movie. But in the end, after Jiwon woke up in the hospital, we dont know if she is Jiwon\'s soul or Su-in\'s spirit that\'s in Jiwon\'s body. Theres no hint at all. Some take it that Su-in\'s mother is possessed by Jiwon\'s soul at the ending moments, depicted by the fish shop scene. But even that can be interpreted as Su-in\'s mother being pissed off at *Jiwon* from finally knowing the truth about what happened to her daughter 1 year ago and how she died.
So if there were ever to be a part 2, I think it would be something like *I KNOW WHAT U DID LAST SUMMER* . lame.

Anyways. Aside from the ending, it was quite a good movie with a good twist. Good scares, not creepy.

7/10 rating.*SPOILER*
MayEdward (6/28/2009 @ 2:22 am)
not to mention that the movie did drag from revelation to revelation. it got me sorta sleepy. my wife was laying down to watch the movie after part 1. so you could imagine what this movie is like if u havent started watching yet. though good plot and twist. huge twist that my wife had to explain to me wtf was going on XD
Allison (6/28/2009 @ 5:33 am)
This is a really good movie but I thought that it was named \"The Ghost\".
Pumi (6/30/2009 @ 10:25 pm)
Can someone delete May Edwards\' spoiler please!!!- that is really messed up! Let people watch the movie. I am so glad I already saw it or I would be really pissed right now.
sada (ADMIN)
@ Pumi .I added spoiler to his comment for you so hopefully this will help.
Pumi (7/1/2009 @ 2:05 pm)
thanks Sada- I don\'t know why folks have to mess it up for other people. I will read the comments to see what people say before I watch sometimes, and I know others do too. the spoiler is not helpful- completely unnecessary!

asdf (7/2/2009 @ 1:04 am)
The photo part reminds me of shutter.
Umms. It\'s gettin good so far.
sweetie (7/2/2009 @ 9:05 am)
sada,why does it stop playing half way through..seems like its loading fully but it just stop midway or am i the only one.?
lina (7/27/2009 @ 5:27 am)
one of my fav
LouLou4u (7/31/2009 @ 10:09 am)
great and interesting movie.....8/10
EdwardMay (8/14/2009 @ 9:06 pm)
my comment is not a spoiler, if we spoil it, we put spoiler b4 we comment any spoiler. If ppl don\'t want spoilor they wont read it cuz they see \"Spoiler\" >.>

So what is your problem >.> gezzz
MayEdward (8/14/2009 @ 9:14 pm)
well Pumi, if u look at my comment it says

THE ENDING --spoiler--

for the section that does give away direct information of the movie.

as well, im not looking to mess it up for others. this section is for COMMENTING. i have a comment to say, so i put it up. if u dont want ur entertainment experience ruined, then dont read. the spoiler is not supposed to help u. its for my opinion to show direct reference. for others to see the point of my opinion. after all, this is called a COMMENT section. it should be up to the READERs DISCRETION on what to read.

the COMMENT section does not restrict the posting of movie-related content. if it did, then alot of people discussing about the movie would have alot of
*u know when he went there? ya that place? u know....that place where it was sooooooo obvious?*
and the next person would be saying *um no. but did u see that ??? that .... THING???? omg i freaked out*

and the next person *um...wat r u refering to?? gosh u dont make sense and too bad i cant tell u wat want to refer too :( but that was so sad*

and the next person *u mean how he couldnt buy a hamburger??? oh crap i gave it away. im not supposed to :( sorry my bad sorry.*

and the first person: *um no the place i was talking about was NOT there god....this sux.*

u see what i mean? with nothing to refer to its too confusing. even ur reading of this little excerpt itself i believe isnt at all pleasureable.
read with discretion. we post with warnings prior to plot revelations. just because u cant help urself from reading endlessly doesnt mean others cant. and just because u dont like discussions, doesnt mean others dont.
klara (10/16/2009 @ 9:51 pm)
is this scary?
krass (1/2/2010 @ 7:26 am)
i appreciate the spoiler, because i had no idea what was going on at the end and the info posted here helped me better understand the movie
Jonica (3/30/2010 @ 3:05 am)
video not found. :( how sad. this sounded good.
Misa (4/5/2010 @ 12:31 am)
The video doesn't work. :(
It says it cannot be found.
Rawr (4/9/2010 @ 5:41 pm)
Movie not found D: admin please fix this soon D:
Rawr (4/9/2010 @ 5:41 pm)
Movie not found D: admin please fix this soon D:
緑色のチーズ (4/29/2010 @ 8:01 pm)
Access Denied please fix soon
Operior (5/24/2010 @ 7:02 am)
Sadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa FIX Pls
happygirl (6/16/2010 @ 3:14 am)
oh no...Video not found. access denied!! woaaaa
jessie (7/10/2010 @ 9:36 pm)
"video not found" :(
poshymeg (7/21/2010 @ 8:42 pm)
ADMIN: please have this one says 'access denied'...thnx!
Angie (7/29/2010 @ 10:38 pm)
@Sada, pls fix, saying video not found or access denied :'(