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Paradise Villa

Paradise Villa

Paradise Villa 2002 movie

The story opens with a young man playing internet games. Suddenly his face darkens and he begins to pound the keys nervously. His face changes to despair as he reads a message from another user.

"Mr. 20-years old, do you have all the items?" The reply is: "I need one more." We next enter the lives of the residents of the Paradise Villa as a mystery unfolds..

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Rwyka (8/1/2008 @ 2:38 am)
doesn\'t really stick with you.
Lots of sex, hardly any good violence, and a teenager that ends up PWNing n00bs to get a weapon for a MMORPG. Meh.
s_yang (8/5/2008 @ 7:04 am)
its not working =|
Ethen (10/31/2008 @ 9:02 pm)
Being fixed ASAP
ash (3/17/2009 @ 11:44 am)
stuck at 0% buffer.
vegeta1234 (5/14/2009 @ 6:17 am)
its not working
Blossom (5/25/2009 @ 9:35 am)
not working can you fix it?
sada ( ADMIN)
It does work , but this player only works for soem pc set ups, I,ll chnage the player for you guys and repost.
yoru (6/2/2009 @ 1:07 am)
saddly doesnt work.....hope its fixed soon. want to watch it.
LouLou4u (7/17/2009 @ 7:54 am)
watched 1st part and it sucked! Not scary at all...random & stupid sex scenes...B movie. 3/10
mel. (8/2/2009 @ 3:57 am)
doesn\'t work.
SV (8/9/2009 @ 7:06 pm)
it only works on firefox
ChadMurrey (9/16/2009 @ 5:28 am)
it works well on Safari
jgc (10/19/2009 @ 3:25 pm)
inzwong (11/17/2009 @ 1:18 am)
this part is working well...but, where is the part 2?
the story isn\'t ended yet...
as for the movie, up till this part 1, i won\'t categorize it as horror movie...lolz
Desdemona (12/8/2009 @ 1:36 am)
Where is part 2?
the_shoe_collector (3/5/2010 @ 9:07 am)
Not horror but still gud movie were's rest of movie?
Kenny (3/15/2010 @ 1:28 am)
First of all that kid who got hacked is a fuucken idiot for going on a killing rampage. It's only a fuucken damned game! And idk but most of the residents of paradise villa seem to have some type of psychological disorder cause the things they did were all stupid in their own ways. I'll have to admit, there were a lot of sex scenes but there was a purpose for them all and that was all related to the two teenagers who were filming the girls around the villa.

Overall, this was byfar the most useless piece of shiit i've ever watched. I would rate it at a 3/10. Not worth my time at all. I could've spent the two hours wasted doing something else. Take my words for this crappy film so you won't be disappointed.
Kenny (3/15/2010 @ 1:30 am)
Oh, and for you idiots who can't figure out where the rest of the movie is,there's a forward button at the bottom of the player along with "play/pause" "stop" etc. You press that to go to the other parts of the movie. in my case it did it for me automatically.
Jay (4/10/2010 @ 9:52 pm)

I realize its hard to believe that a kid who lost everything from a video game could go on a killing rampage. But the film is a commentary about how powerful the internet is in some people's lives and how people can lose fact of what is real life and what is just from "an internet game". This is especially true in South Korea where the internet is a huge part of life and it ca take over people's lives like it did for the character in this film and something like this is possible in real life--probably not to the extent it happened in this film, but tragic consequences can happen from things that happen on the internet, such as the case of actress Choi Jin Shill who committed suicide after reading people's criticisms about her on the internet.

Overall I thought this film had a very strong script (although I was confused about some things that happened in the film) and was well directed.

Ducky (4/26/2010 @ 11:31 pm)
Im not sure if its something on my end or not. But my connection is good. But the movie wont buffer or even try.
anqeni (7/29/2010 @ 5:17 am)
sada....this doesn't work. stuck at 0% buffer.
i already have firefox downloaded, but still doesn't work