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A House of Mad Souls 2003

A House of Mad Souls 2003

A House of Mad Souls 2003

A House of Mad Souls 2003 Thai -Horror . Kwan, a little boy who has died eight years ago, is still detained in his house, he causes alarming visions, startling sounds, and disturbing nightmares to all...

His soul emerges to scare everyone until he met Jitta, the doctor in a terrible clinic.

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anon (11/16/2008 @ 5:39 am)
half of film was needless flash backs. not too good.
gentong (11/18/2008 @ 1:33 am)
terrible... when i finished watching the movie, i was like \"what was the story all about???\". it was just way too ordinary and too simple. half of the movie INDEED was just unnecessary flashback.
azizi (1/31/2009 @ 7:31 am)
repeated flashback all the time,
not scary at all,
hu hu hu...congrat for me coz i can finish this extreme boring movie..
not worth to watch, go to watch other movies in this site.

still..tanx to admin qho upload this movie....keep it up :-)
(2/8/2009 @ 9:14 am)
TIGGER (2/8/2009 @ 9:16 am)
I will take your opinion and not watch this one thanks for 411
Geminate (2/27/2009 @ 8:42 am)
A touching story about letting go and moving on. (excusing the ghost hospital and staff of course)
abc (3/1/2009 @ 11:04 pm)
good movie, i like it.
vodka (3/28/2009 @ 4:58 am)
what the hell is that
mittens (4/10/2009 @ 3:13 pm)
This movie should have been called \"Flash-back: deja-vu\" or \"oh no! There she goes again...\" Bad acting, bad script. Waste of time.
Danielle/Runningbreeze (6/16/2009 @ 1:23 am)
The movie wasn\'t that bad actually, I didn\'t expect the ending it was a twist but when you think about it-it was actually kind of sad all of their souls were trapped behind because of the little boy! 6.5/10 The flash backs were there to keep you informed on what happened but I wish the medical documents were also translated so I could know how everyone on staff died, I mean I figured they were dead because they started disappearing along with all of the furniture!!! I would have been trippin and had to take some time off after that! They should have showed what happened to the people in the car accident I mean if a ghost gave you stitches would they disappear when the ghost disappeared lol don\'t mind me just being silly!!! Worth watching
plop888 (12/19/2009 @ 1:49 am)
Utter shyte. 1/10 bones. Thanks for posting.
Ghoul (12/28/2009 @ 11:44 pm)
Aaaahhhhhh... this movie is worth watching just because of sssssoooooo pretty doctor.
spore (2/8/2010 @ 5:22 pm)
can`t seem to load player...