MANDATE 2008 korean Movie HORROR

(Korean 2008 ) There has been a serial murderer and rapist on the loose in the town of Whagoklee for over a decade.

The police are again at a loss, but this time a mysterious ghost hunter rolls into town claiming that the murderer is actually an evil spirit.


Jacko01 (8/21/2009 @ 9:46 pm)
Been Looking for this Movie, cant wait to see it , I heard its very Good.
dodoboy (8/22/2009 @ 2:21 am)
JackoO1 Watch then comment!
toneone3000 (8/22/2009 @ 2:50 am)
starts out slow & quality is low, but worth the watch cant see who is gettin killed at thend 7/10
Jitter (8/22/2009 @ 2:53 am)
Cool Movie.I liked it very much.7/10
Jade (8/22/2009 @ 7:13 am)
T_T the playes isn\'t that good...too slow.. but worth the wait and!
Freeman (8/22/2009 @ 8:39 am)
ok 5/10
plop888 (8/22/2009 @ 10:02 pm)
Not bad. More detail about the ghost hunter, the sword, & the demon would\'ve improved it. 6/10 bones. Thanks for posting.
asian (8/23/2009 @ 1:18 am)
kind of lame....
Chad (8/31/2009 @ 4:54 am)
How can i watch the movie, it says close the box to watch, i closed and nothing happen. im using Safari btw.
Ethen (ADMIN)
Host is down for maintance, will be back up shortly.
Ethen (Admin) (ADMIN)
IT\'s working now, and you might want to use Firefox, I don\'t think it will work with Safari.
Triangel-JaeHeeFan (9/7/2009 @ 10:42 am)
So happy to found this here...
Have been searching for so long ever since it is being released in Korea.
Thx for the upload...
So glad to be able to see JH\'s last show before joining MS....
JH is working reali hard and putting lots of effort in this low budget movie...Hope it is good and he looks so professional like a real ghost hunter~!
Aja Jae Hee oppa~! Miss you =)
Alee (12/5/2009 @ 4:39 am)
Is this just my computer or do other people have the video player of center?...I can\'t see half the video because it is not center...
plainbob (8/4/2010 @ 12:58 am)
The video isn't working.