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(Japan 2004)


Sometimes the dead can't die is the tagline for this 2004 Japanese Horror Movie.The special effects are not up to much , but the story and scares are great.

A detective and his assistant help send restless spirits into the spiritual world.

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kim (8/26/2010 @ 2:19 am)
Great Movie .Had me jumping and creeped out.
(8/26/2010 @ 2:22 am)
Not scary, not horror..more like detective. The only horror aspect is the ghosts being sent to the spirit world. How many times do we have to see that? hahahahaha

Thanks for the upload anyway. You guys do a great job!
John (8/26/2010 @ 2:31 am)
To the anonymous comment , you obviously didn't watch it .
(8/26/2010 @ 2:55 am)
To John

looks like i agreed with imdb...i DID watch it..
(8/26/2010 @ 2:56 am)
copy and pasted directly from imdb

Also, I wouldn't consider Mail to be so much of a horror as it is a suspense/mystery movie. It wasn't scary, it just had ghosts in it.
Imahavah (8/26/2010 @ 2:57 am)
Just leave your opinion and move on please. Let others have theirs as well.

Thank you.
John (8/26/2010 @ 3:09 am)
You lie.I know because I refreshed this page and saw what time the movie was put here and you didn't have time to watch it, I also know you haven't watched it before by what you said.I also would say you are imahavah by the time between comments.
(8/26/2010 @ 6:07 am)
wow something is stuck up someones ass
AbuHamza (8/26/2010 @ 6:28 am)
WOW, this site is awesome, best site in the net, find it few days ago and Iam going 2 watch as many movies as i can! U people save my boring days, thanks and good luck in the future with AHM!!!
Katy (8/26/2010 @ 6:42 am)
Thank you for posting something new that we have not seen yet before. You always find something for us. Appreciate all that you do! You make this an awesome site for us Sada ;) And I agree people need to watch, comment, and move on, not to sit here and ridiculously drag things on and on. People are not here to argue with these complaints, they are here to watch the movies ;)
Alam (8/26/2010 @ 10:10 am)
Can't Watch Why?
Please Check It!
Trina (8/26/2010 @ 12:20 pm)

Mari (8/26/2010 @ 5:44 pm)
That was so sad! Two scenes almost made me want to cry. Reiji reminds me of Sanzo from Saiyuki, only a lot nicer. :p
Kezia Vadimas (8/26/2010 @ 6:36 pm)
That was nice.. entertaining.
Thanks again, AHM!
dedly1 (8/27/2010 @ 8:19 am)
i love chiaki but i hate shitty hosts... could we please have this on like at least stagevu? cheers!
Bonito (8/27/2010 @ 9:46 am)
I liked this one so much , reminded me of the Taiwan movie silk.
plop888 (8/27/2010 @ 5:14 pm)
Not a bad watch. I got all teary at a couple of parts.
Thanks for posting.
Dolls and Dead Things (8/28/2010 @ 9:06 am)
Pretty good movie, agreed that it was more suspense/drama/romance than horror, and if you are looking for straight horror or creepiness this not it. But it was enjoyable and there was some great building of atmosphere that made the moments before a ghost did show up quite a scare!
ben (8/30/2010 @ 10:52 pm)
Cool Movie.
Shiftling (8/31/2010 @ 6:45 pm)
Kinda hokey rendition of nightmare detective with a bit of matrix-fan in it for 'style'... hehee
Tania (8/31/2010 @ 11:53 pm)
That was really sad... Kind of reminded me of Ame to Yume no Ato ni