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Yakuza:Like a Dragon

Yakuza:Like a Dragon

 watch yakuza:like a dragon 2007 japanese Takashi Miike Horror movie

(Japanese 2007) (Many Thanks to Doctor 5000)


Based on the Playstation 2 game.Former Yakuza underling Kiryu Kazuma, who has recently been released from prison after a lengthy incarceration, is trying to piece his life together and distance himself from his Yakuza past.

Along the way he encounters Haruka, a distressed young girl who is trying to find her lost mother. Unfortunately Kiryu's problems slowly escalate as he is pursued by a former associate, the baseball bat-wielding psycho Majima Goro who has a grudge to settle with Kiryu.

Movie Removed Due to Copyright Claim
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bronze34 (4/28/2010 @ 4:09 pm)
Really Good Movie .I like all Takashi-Miikes movies.
asianlover (4/28/2010 @ 7:22 pm)
AHM you have made my day! LOVE THE GAMES WAITING FOR Y4!!!! THX
pinkyssj4 (4/29/2010 @ 12:31 am)
is there one that has faster load? different link?
asianlover (4/29/2010 @ 4:11 am)
Update on comment:

Is there a yakuza movie before this one because this one is not covering the entire story and characters are all so vague with random one line info on them?
The only guy that fits his role is Majima, that guy is perfect as Majima!
Overall a hilarious movie with heavy violence but Kazuma is not very impressive in this movie. He is hot but not very tough. Was a tad disapointing but that is ok as the whole movie is rushed and won't make much sense if you don't play the games.
The game gives you the story like novels which are then ruined by their movie versions.
mitsuk0 (4/29/2010 @ 4:28 am)
alright movie... havn't played the game. action was ok, story was a bit hard to follow though and felt as though a lot was left unsaid or explained. but that yui girl.. .WOWEEEEEEEEEEEE hot
ce (4/29/2010 @ 9:23 am)
Says video not found.

Why me?
Ben56 (4/29/2010 @ 2:19 pm)
Nice Movie.I really enjoy yakuza movies with psycho characters .
likeavirgina (4/29/2010 @ 5:12 pm)
i wish some one whould base project zero it whould defo make a good horror x
ce (4/30/2010 @ 6:18 am)
hello, Sada.

Once again it says, "video not found."
Makin03 (4/30/2010 @ 9:47 am)
Very Nice Move.I like the style that Takashi Miike brings to his films.Thank you.
ooglymoogly (7/1/2010 @ 6:30 am)
This movie rocks! It's simply cool. Thanks so much for Sharing another great movie with us here on AHM.
car (7/5/2010 @ 5:39 am)
between the pop ups and the buffering, this was really hard to get to watch. i think my computer may be infected