L: Change the World

L: Change the World

 L: Change the World

2008 J -Horror .A spin-off of the popular Death Note films, L: Change The World focuses on the legendary detective L as he uses his final 23 days to solve crimes all over the world

When a young couple come to him for aid, L is soon faced with what may be his most difficult case yet: stopping a group of scientists from spreading a lethal virus throughout the world....

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U dont wanna know (10/18/2008 @ 11:35 am)
the date on the movie info is messed up, it says 12008
Sada (ADMIN)
Its sorted out now..thanks for letting us know..
BB (10/18/2008 @ 1:20 pm)
no the date is right....
i like L\'s movements xD
And i think it was a great movie
Ozzy007 (10/18/2008 @ 7:57 pm)
L does it again!!
Asuka24 (10/19/2008 @ 5:45 am)
Saw this movie about 2 months ago, it\'s really good.
I recommend it for everyone.
Microcut (10/19/2008 @ 12:10 pm)
DAMN! I love this movie! I miss Light Yagami... but well.. L is sooo cute
L. Lawliet (10/24/2008 @ 8:06 am)
good story line and good acting. happy to see that L smiled at the end. =]
Frighguy (10/25/2008 @ 11:13 pm)
First two were amazing.
bahoban (10/26/2008 @ 4:29 am)
i want back Light Yagami!! idont like L
nanana (10/27/2008 @ 7:48 am)
love it.. lol
ayt.. (11/1/2008 @ 4:02 am)
ayus to!!
luee (11/9/2008 @ 5:21 pm)
the only movie that makes me cry.
trevor (11/12/2008 @ 5:47 am)
why the hell is mine Not showing subtitles and my friends i sent the same link 2 is lol
Auntie_Virus (11/25/2008 @ 11:38 am)

sakura-misa (11/28/2008 @ 4:10 pm)
I LOVE L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ :3 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
cupid[; (12/1/2008 @ 5:57 pm)
EATBACON (12/29/2008 @ 4:41 am)
I loved this movie but I cried at the end of it because L dies! Its kinda funny at how this movie is compleatly different from the Death Note series :3. Thats probably why I like it so much! But dont get me wrong I LOVE DEATH NOTE TO PIECES! I also think Near looks cute in this movie
NLT8985 (12/31/2008 @ 8:03 am)
i thought Watari died in the second one. Why is he alive in this one?
M3-Maddy (1/2/2009 @ 5:22 pm)
I luv this movie!!!!But.....I\'m confused....if Light is dead & Misa doesn\'t have her Death Note......did Ryuk kill Watari?????Or was it simply old age??????& I want L\'s thermas!!!!!!!!
Shibby (1/4/2009 @ 1:58 am)
Am I the only person that only has half the film -_-\"
donald (1/22/2009 @ 3:32 pm)
base on death note 2 nlt8985
the part when we thought that L is dead
is a set up... where in watari is part of the set.up and the mistake of the movie L have been sad... bcoz watari is dead... then they make the part3... where watari is alive... so for me in DN2 watari is not dead... he is been kill in part3
and if you will remember in DN2 when... rem turn to dust when he is writing something in the death note... rmember??? mybe he write der how... kira or light die...
donald (1/22/2009 @ 4:45 pm)
a mistake of me
maiyang (2/2/2009 @ 7:24 am)
one of my favorite movie!!! hands down to L!!!!
guys....DN2 and 3 are related...some parts overlapped..

\"Copy the black letters only to show your human\".. LOL!!!!
light (2/2/2009 @ 6:36 pm)
it the only movie made me sleepless the whole. i love the storyline, everything, damn,,
light (2/2/2009 @ 6:37 pm)
sleepless the whole night rather.. (//_-)
movie (2/5/2009 @ 10:58 am)
Cute movie, it shows L\'s good/nice side we don\'t see in the actual story and that kid that plays Near is so cute.
The ending is a real tearjerker and this comes from a Light fan. :)
mwt (2/21/2009 @ 9:06 am)
I confused about the driver (decoy guy) is the bad or good one. Anyway this movie is really cool and very interesting. L had to die at the end made me felt so sad. Thanks for putting this movie up.
(2/21/2009 @ 9:07 am)
I confused about the driver (decoy guy) is the bad or good one. Anyway this movie is really cool and very interesting. L had to die at the end made me felt so sad. Thanks for putting this movie up.
Electronikiller (2/22/2009 @ 3:06 pm)
There should be a [spoiler] feature for the comments on this site, just a thought. ;)
Seph (2/25/2009 @ 9:46 am)
Wot? More Death note, God no!
JadeMoon (2/26/2009 @ 7:44 am)
Ok, for starters THIS IS MY MOST FAV MOVIE EVER! I had downloaded it through bit torrent with an srt file- hard-coded the avi and srt, converted that video to ipod mov mpeg4, put it on my ipod nano, hooked it up to my television- and watched my heart out a dozen times or so!
All I can say is

This movie is not typical death note and that is why I enjoyed it so much.

to mwt: the decoy guy is an FBI agent sent to protect L after Watari\'s death.
Seph: give it a chance its a hell of a lot better than death note.

This movie shows there is more to L than ever believed.

This movie also contains the \"birth\" of one of the iconic death note characters, \"NEAR\".
Near is so cute in this movie- I love him!

I have an \"L\" Death NOte keychain that I have been using for almost 8 months now- L is a fab character.
fvhjfvjhvjhvjhvjv (4/2/2009 @ 1:26 am)
nice movie
Dingo666 (4/19/2009 @ 7:13 pm)
I feel a sequel coming on, after all we didn\'t actually see...die ;o)
I love the death letter films and yes, L is cute!
Jaded (4/21/2009 @ 12:10 am)
Death Reaper (4/22/2009 @ 6:13 am)
this is not scary and definitely not a horror movie.
flash LIGHT YAGAMI (5/7/2009 @ 5:24 pm)
Need Help (7/2/2009 @ 8:44 pm)
Is it just me or are there no sub titles?
suhana (7/21/2009 @ 1:16 pm)
it was intresting to watch L as main character in this movie..i\'m kinda like him more now..just i want to know more about L and how he become a weirdo... end of the movie a bit vague..probably will continue the saga? ..i cant wait 8/10
mandy (7/22/2009 @ 1:56 am)
question for anyone, i was never a big fan of light or L, jsut the people who played them. But in the series, I only watched the ones with Mello and Matt. Are they in this movie at all or should i just look for a differnt movie?
need help too (8/15/2009 @ 5:06 am)
whera is the video?
dooley (8/23/2009 @ 3:15 am)
the first part doesn\'t appear for me.
sada (ADMIN)
Now fixed.Thanks for letting us know .
lee (8/27/2009 @ 4:50 pm)
OMG L is soooo kawaiii i luv him does anyone know his real name??
schysophrenia (8/28/2009 @ 2:21 am)
simply beautiful. loved L\'s acting. gosh. the movie was amazing. genius. 10/10
Livia (9/2/2009 @ 6:12 pm)
This movie was incredible. The plot, the acting, the ending, everything was perfect. You never get bored with this movie; and I almost cried at the ending. -sigh- A definite must watch for DN lovers.
WILROSE (9/15/2009 @ 5:00 pm)
\\\"No matter how gifted, you alone cannot change the world!\\\" Very well said! Nice one L! I love this movies! Death Note 1, 2, & 3, the best!
bangungot666 (9/18/2009 @ 5:13 pm)

GOOD BYE Death Note Trilogy

bangungot666 (9/18/2009 @ 5:31 pm)
L Lawliet rather ^_^
tiffany (9/29/2009 @ 6:18 am)
reaper (10/8/2009 @ 11:02 am)
i luv L he kicks ass
The Moon Samurai (10/10/2009 @ 4:55 am)
Misa Misa (11/11/2009 @ 4:51 am)
L is HOT! Oh, Great Movie, even though i seen this in theters the first two days it came out and my friend owns the movie so. Love u L!(Blows kisses to L)
L Lawliet (11/11/2009 @ 4:56 am)
Very Interesting. Great idea of making the untold chapter about our favorite detector L.Lawliet (Eats Cake)
Xiclex chan (12/13/2009 @ 10:54 pm)
*puts chocolate syrup on top of cake, adds gummy bears, then eats the fantastic cake* I agree with ^, very interesting indeed
(12/30/2009 @ 3:11 pm)
W4775 B^r4c.K\'n B^loOD??
L Lover!! (1/7/2010 @ 1:31 am)
He is sooooo cute
But I despise Light so I\'m happy he\'s not in this movie!!
I\'m glad he died in the last movie!!
lost (2/21/2010 @ 11:47 pm)
admins?? i need help please ):
the screen for the movie is totally blank except for a little square at the top left corner with colors like blue red purple green and yellow in it
i tried clicking on the screen but nothing happens
i get that lately on some images other than this website
can you please tell me what it is and how i can maybe fix it? thank you
sada (ADMIN)
@ lost , It could be you need to update your flashplayer if the screen is blank,you can update it here http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/
lost (2/27/2010 @ 2:26 am)
that was the problem thank you sada (:
Misa Amane (4/1/2010 @ 4:01 pm)
This movie made me cry and made me learn " No matter how gifted, you alone cannot change the world " ... I like it though
atrus (4/9/2010 @ 11:51 pm)
just out of curiosity, did anyone else notice that Mello is NOWHERE to be found? He's one of my fav's, and they cut him out entirely!
L (4/10/2010 @ 7:15 pm)
omg i loved the movie
Help :3 (4/23/2010 @ 12:29 am)
Excuse me . . . I'm trying to watch "L Changes the World" But every time I refresh the page, the video doesn't load or even appear.
sada (ADMIN)
Just checked the movie and it seems to be working fine, maybe try updating your flash player.