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Kuntilanak 2 aka The Chanting 2 2007

Kuntilanak 2 aka The Chanting 2 2007

Kuntilanak 2 aka The Chanting 2 2007
 asian horror MOVIE

Many thanks to Ethen for the upload. Indonesian Horror 2007. Samantha, has recently moved out from her old, haunted boarding house, escaping from followers of Mangkoedjiwo Sect

The menace within her is raised stronger and stronger as she cannot stop herself from chanting the cursed chant to bring deadly punishments to people around her....

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doeboi (7/13/2009 @ 10:47 am)
i love the asian horror-genre.
Tim (7/13/2009 @ 1:14 pm)
This is the best Indonesian Horror I have ever seen.
Lo Ser (7/13/2009 @ 9:39 pm)
Um it was ok. I didnt really like it; kinda slow for me.
Notabluff (7/13/2009 @ 11:56 pm)
mmmmm interesting, sounds good, cover page looks as ppl say..never judge a book by its i\'m gonna watch it and judge it... girl looks pretty
Alvincent (7/14/2009 @ 11:19 am)
I thought it was pretty good in its scare moments but also had some annoying moments. Acting was a bit iffy but I have to agree with best Indo horror movie I\'ve seen. 8/10.
Roses (7/15/2009 @ 4:58 am)
You have no idea how long I have been looking for this movie! *squeals like a schoolgirl*
Thanks so much! I can\'t wait to watch it.
Need 2 download (7/19/2009 @ 8:57 am)
I like the intro music to the movie, the beat is can i get a mp3 version of it so that i can play it as a ringtone..
(7/19/2009 @ 11:47 am)
very good!
missm0nika (7/29/2009 @ 12:38 am)
the subtitle was a little off on some parts, and that ruins it...but over all i like it and i would recommend to a friend if they are in for a little scare...thanks for the upload..
Ihatesandflies (8/27/2009 @ 6:28 am)
I think the main actress is gorgeous. Wish I could look so good haunting and killing people at the same time. LOL. Mods, there is no Kuntilanak 1 here, only part 2 and 3 (i think) so the other won\'t be able to follow the story on why Sam has this powers. The Kuntilanak here(should be titled Sarang Kubntilanak) is another similar story but not related to this one. Love you guys for uploading so many great shows. Hey is there any horror shows from India. After all they are asian too.
natasha (10/9/2009 @ 4:53 pm)
its not working for me): its like the play button , when i click it , nth happens )):
asdf (10/18/2009 @ 3:00 am)
Boring. Slow. Bad acting.