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 The Sorcerer and the White Snake (2011) Hong Kong Supernatural

Country & Year:   (Malaysian) (2011)

Tags:   (Horror|Ghosts|Highway)


Four students are heading back to their college in Kuantan, after a night out in Kuala Lumpur, when they encounter massive traffic on the Karak highway.

In an attempt to make it back in time for their classes in the morning, they decide to exit the highway and take an alternative route back to Kuantan via the old single carriageway trunk road.... not knowing that this decision would change their lives forever...


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Jim (10/10/2011 @ 11:50 pm)
This surprised me, was actually pretty cool for a malay film.Some good scary parts and cool story.
Blake24 (10/11/2011 @ 10:18 am)
Good Movie.Thanks AHM
LOL (10/11/2011 @ 4:05 pm)
The ending actually rocks. LOL
plop888 (10/11/2011 @ 10:11 pm)
Good ghost story.
Thanks for posting.
plop888 (10/11/2011 @ 10:14 pm)
@ LOL- Wayne's World came to mind XD
kps_potato (10/13/2011 @ 6:34 am)
Great ending...'LOL'
(10/13/2011 @ 8:14 pm)
@ evryone who thinks ending rocks !!!! u havent seen 'darna mana hai' yet I guess...Indian horror...well there are many others from were this stupid films has been copied lol sticks to malay levels cant expect more...
Kun (10/16/2011 @ 6:10 am)
Pretty interesting plot and quite scary in the beginning but then it's too much of everything and the suspense is gone. The ending totally sucked. This together with the poor CGI, made it feel like a B-movie. Only watch if you want something different.
Kellen (10/16/2011 @ 10:57 am)
They were better off sticking to that weird monster at the beginning. The ending was predictable, there are so many movies that already did the whole already dead thing. I felt like I wanted to smack the characters for acting so stupid through the whole movie.
Envigado (10/17/2011 @ 12:55 am)
Good For One TIme Watcc .. 7/10. Thanks For Posting .
xiaojiang (10/17/2011 @ 6:10 am)
Damn it Kellen, put a spoiler tag if you are going to give the ending away. I was reading the comments and it ruined the movie for me.
Sunny (11/1/2011 @ 4:15 pm)
It was ok...it got far to boring, by the end i lost all interest! but i guess if your bored and have nothing else to watch this film would be ok. 6/10 ^^
NutFuck (11/14/2011 @ 12:38 am)
Watching on line local prod oversea killed my boredom of high on. Swell!!!! Better than Sex.
HoneyMush (12/22/2011 @ 4:11 pm)
i couldnt finish it too boring
monkeylambchops (5/1/2013 @ 6:18 am)
very gud
Kanu (6/6/2013 @ 3:55 am)
Wow, excellent movie! Loved the ending!
Took me completely off guard! 5/5 skulls, baby! :)
Johan (8/12/2013 @ 7:05 pm)
26:10 ah you stupid bitch XD that's why you don't let women ride in the front seat. they panic too much.
Lisa (1/7/2014 @ 6:37 pm)
"Johan" wow you're stupid. It's a movie little one in case you haven't noticed
Lannishirose (1/24/2014 @ 5:11 am)
Lisa just made my day. Totally not about the movie, I know. But still... bwahaha.
tektzby (5/9/2014 @ 1:35 am)
Im quite suprised, this movie isnt bad. Small thingie is that powerful islamic matrism, what i somehow dont like (sorry Im not an islamist), but overall awesome movie with great story and ideas.
8/10 by me XJ
Will (6/16/2014 @ 12:29 am)
meh. the first half hour was good, but then it collapsed. The iron maiden final scene and all the farting mixed in with islamic prayer to fight off evil spirits confuses the hell out of me.
(7/4/2014 @ 5:14 am)
(10/9/2014 @ 10:10 am)

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