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July 32nd

July 32nd

 July 32nd (2010) korean dark drama

Country & Year:   (Korea) (2010)

Tags:   (Indie|Dark-Drama|Korean)

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Share PARANORMAL EFFECT (Japanese Curse : Ju-So) - Uncut Collector Edition

The film depicts the tumultuous relationship of a killer and his daughter, whose lives are upturned on July 31, 1987. Pursued by the police, he leaves his five-year-old daughter in someone else's care, promising to pick her up the next day.

But the next day never comes because he soon gets arrested. Years later, the abandoned daughter has grown up, and the waiting has turned into the longing for revenge.

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Kasiko22 (3/6/2011 @ 5:32 pm)
Nice , thank for posting AHM.
misterylady69 (3/7/2011 @ 12:47 am)
that was very sad! thanks for sharing!
plop888 (3/7/2011 @ 2:40 am)
Very well done. It was tough for me to watch, though. The story is very tragic & heartrending.
Thanks for posting.
envigado (3/7/2011 @ 6:08 am)
Mark (3/7/2011 @ 8:33 am)
Well that depressing ;_;
Myra (3/7/2011 @ 3:06 pm)
Read the sypnosis -> Hm, I have seen better reasons for revenge.
Watched 2 parts of 7 -> Seriously? I don't really get into it and don't feel like watching the rest.

Thanks for the uplad.
mitsuk0 (3/7/2011 @ 4:24 pm)
not a great movie... ok, ending very sad =[
Maya (3/7/2011 @ 6:50 pm)

Inspector Chang is dumb a**hole bastard, picking on kid...slap that bastard, whoever is playing that roll, I'll go to Korean and find him and slit his face.
plop888 (3/7/2011 @ 11:48 pm)
@Maya- you want to cut someone because they're an actor that played a character that you don't like, in a film. It's a fictional story, not a documentary. If you can't tell reality from a film, I very much doubt your ability to "go to Korean and find him and slit his face."
Stop smoking crack & go get an education.
gwen (3/8/2011 @ 3:01 am)
No kids deserve to see this ugly side of human being. how can those people call human do those hideous thing to little children. this made me really angry.
Hyperion (3/8/2011 @ 8:19 am)
@Maya has major problems! lol

Anyway, what a sad ending. I feel so sorry for daughter and dad, even though each had their faults. I couldn't watch the ending scene---so brutal what he was doing to her.
moi (3/8/2011 @ 1:56 pm)
Think I'll pass on this one, sounds like a bad feeling is all people are left with, no thanks... oh, and Maya, get some help you big psycho
kim (3/8/2011 @ 2:16 pm)
wow people chill will Maya , she is obviously just joking.
@ moi , Maybe its better to feel something than just to pass a movie because it may provoke an emotion in you.

It is a good movie , it deals with dark emotions of abandonment , revenge and in a strange way love.
shi (3/9/2011 @ 9:09 am)
what a sad story :((
sad to say but it happens in real life
rabbit (3/9/2011 @ 9:30 am)
erororrrrrrrrr??????? f***k, cant even open this movie
plop888 (3/10/2011 @ 9:20 pm)
@gwen- that's why I don't have kids. What a world.
Katy (3/10/2011 @ 10:23 pm)
Thank you for the upload. Personally, I think this movie was really good. It depicts a very real and sad reality, it reveals to us the sort of things really happen in this world, every single day, unfortunately. Great acting, very emotive and moving.
baobei (3/14/2011 @ 8:16 am)
this is so sad :( that cop is a jerk
MovieFan1 (3/15/2011 @ 7:05 am)
Thank You for uploading this movie! It was great though!
Mika (3/15/2011 @ 7:17 am)
Not a horror movie but the story is real nice. Sad ending too but it was interesting enough for a once time watch.
micha (3/18/2011 @ 1:42 pm)
There are really people that are bastards that why we can't judge evryone...
eyra593 (5/18/2011 @ 7:24 am)
really2 gud movie..
Eunju (5/26/2011 @ 8:01 pm)
Wowww, such a sad depressing movie )); Made me cry
but it was excellent! D: i really enjoyed it, but very sad :/

inspector chang is a jerk :/ i hate him
btw, why is everyone picking on Maya? leave her alone for god sake, she's into the movie like i am. i know they're just actors, but give it a break people.. leave her alone
nick (11/29/2012 @ 3:19 pm)
excellent movie sad really sad

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