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Creepy Hide and Seek

Creepy Hide and Seek

 Creepy Hide and Seek  (2009)

(Japanese 2009) Many Thanks to Ethen


Many lonely youths are attracted to this scary and mysterious “hide and seek” internet game. This has led to a string of bizarre and horrifying happenings.

Ryoko decided to join in the game to investigate after her friends began to disappear one by one after playing the game, not realizing that something frightening is awaiting her.

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Kim (1/19/2010 @ 10:53 am)
Really really creepy OMG!
misterylady69 (1/19/2010 @ 11:30 am)
good and creepy
Beeg Penus (1/19/2010 @ 4:43 pm)
cenobite (1/19/2010 @ 4:53 pm)
really good, it has the same creepy and subtle atmosphere like \"Kairo\" and the same great sound-effects
One Winged Angel (1/19/2010 @ 6:10 pm)
video not found . . . (T_T)
Brave1 (1/19/2010 @ 6:48 pm)
Very Good.One of the best Ive seen.Such a creepy atmosphere.
Ethen (ADMIN)
Video is there and working fine. If your still having problems come in to forum and PM Sada or I and we\'ll see if we can help you out.
McLuvin75 (1/19/2010 @ 7:55 pm)
All I want to know is why anyone would want to play a game that looks about as much fun as I just had watching that turgid rubbish.
Jazz (1/19/2010 @ 9:24 pm)
Wow what a waste of time. An internet game, just call it a GAME! It doesn\'t make any sense.
It seems thoe producers were bored and added some random so ccalled creepy scenes... It would been more creepier if they brought those dolls to life but noooo, it\'s the same unoriginal ghost type thingy. I rate this movie a 1/5 because it was predictable and boring.
Pria (1/19/2010 @ 10:01 pm)
Its been a while since I watched a movie that creeped me out so much.This movie has such a scary atmosphere to it.It made me jump good a few times and just the build up of the scares was amazing.LOVED IT!!!.Great Japanese Horror Movie.
Bailey (1/19/2010 @ 10:49 pm)
Slow and creepy
plop888 (1/19/2010 @ 10:54 pm)
Not great, not terrible, either. Like McLuvin75 said, it is a pretty dull game. And who\'s Goto & what\'s his motive? hhmmm...
Thanks for posting.
Rizze (1/19/2010 @ 11:58 pm)
Excellent Film.A must watch if you are a true Japanese Horror fan.A truly striking and creepy piece of horror.
LouLou4u (1/20/2010 @ 2:41 am)
Good many small stories going on at once. Jumped around and it was hard to bring it all together. The last girl, in the end, (teacher never even played the game online!) To many unanswered questions to rate high in my book. Really forgot the whole point of the beginning....bad director? 5/10
eja (1/20/2010 @ 3:25 am)
thank you very much...
mscash1 (1/20/2010 @ 7:14 am)
Had me jumping quite a few times, gave me goosebumps quite a few times and definately had me looking over my shoulder MANY times while watching it:) So i would say it is a horror movie worth watching, thanks so much for posting it guys!!!
nutty (1/20/2010 @ 7:32 am)
Not bad but it\'s so slow(the movie Not the player) lol. Anyway, thanks sada & Ethen :)
dixiebaby (1/20/2010 @ 8:01 am)
What I couldn\'t stand was at the end when she crawled around instead of jumping up and running. 7/10
Mika (1/20/2010 @ 10:45 pm)
The movie is pretty slow so we get the picture, but even so the movie creeped me out and it\'s been a while since I\'ve been creeped out like that so I enjoyed it.
Nana (1/21/2010 @ 2:03 am)
Hi Eden & Sada I try watching some movies but there isn\'t any play buttons to start with. both mozilla & IE have the same prob
sada (ADMIN)
Ive been looking into why some of you guys are Having a problem with playing the latest movies here and tracked it down to certain isps that use a proxy by default such as some filipino isp,s like SingNet.we should be able to sort this problem out , we just need to test some options. or it could be certain countries may be blocked by the movie host.
polynesian boi (1/21/2010 @ 5:14 am)
sada(ADMIN)Ive been looking into why some of you guys are Having a problem with playing the latest movies here and tracked it down to certain isps that use a proxy by default such as some filipino isp,s like SingNet.we should be able to sort this problem out , we just need to test some options. or it could be certain countries may be blocked by the movie host.

long ago starting watchin AHM, i use my ps3 to go on internet. all the movies i selected was working with out no problems, but now it seems like that it doesn\'t play. i know if i had a real comp bsides using my ps3 browser, it\'ll be a different story. im jus saying, watever format/media player u use to play \"JUON\" movie with, it will work perfect.speaking 4myself that is. i 8nt complaining lol
jee (1/21/2010 @ 10:42 am)
looks like im sleeping with the light on tonight!!
sada (ADMIN)
@ polynesian boi .check out this THREAD in our forum about ps3 and AHM.
G (1/22/2010 @ 7:54 pm)
such a stupid stupid movie....after the ring, and juon, is there nothing new in jhorror.
Blue (1/22/2010 @ 11:28 pm)
Not the worst Ive seen, but certainly not the greatest. Story had holes, it moves slow, and I didnt really care about the characters. Acting could have been better as well. But it did have some good scares and creepy moments. Thanks for posting.
Jin (1/23/2010 @ 5:01 am)
Dam scary one!
sik187 (1/23/2010 @ 8:52 am)
A few make you jump moments but other then that the movie was pretty slow and boring.
marebito (1/24/2010 @ 4:39 am)
It was ok good story but ok movie I expected to be scared -_- dragged on but it at lease kept me watching 3/5
lithiumpicnic (1/24/2010 @ 11:43 am)
wouldn\'t the english translation of the name be \"hide and seek alone\"??

xexexe (1/25/2010 @ 4:54 am)
@ lithiumpicnic

Yes, the Japanese title \"ひとりかくれんぼ\" (Hitori Kakurenbo) would literally translate into \"One-Person Hide-and-Seek.\" In fact, it is actually a Japanese online urban legend, which involves playing hide-and-seek with a plushie, during which it is said that some kind of paranormal activity should occur.
judy (1/25/2010 @ 8:34 pm)
ohh,,, movie not available. :(
Ethen (ADMIN)
Movie\'s there and working fine.
ghostwriter (1/27/2010 @ 5:37 am)
Good movie.
Japanese need to keep making these \"if you play this game you will die\" type movies.
lol I love em!!
peanut20 (2/4/2010 @ 8:20 pm)
i can't watch any of this...i mean the ones that has an ad in front the the screen,the one (ad) that you have to close to watch the always annoys me...cos interrupting the movie that im does'nt load beacoz of that ad..
Miche (2/6/2010 @ 5:57 am)
I'm just curious..did anybody else find that Ritsuko girl(the one that is friends with the boy) annoying?

DarkStar (2/9/2010 @ 5:29 pm)
A pretty scary one, although some scenes were kinda predictable, but I guess that just happens when you see a lot of those movies. Anyway, its a good scary movie.
japan (2/11/2010 @ 1:14 pm)
at first i wanna tell some comment that this movie is boring or blah blah blah....director wrote story or something...i live in japan and i gonna tell you this story is real forbidden tale in japan...and it famous more than more than 30 year ago!!!

it call ひとりかくれんぼ {hitorikakurembo) in japan.
you can search it on youtube or in japan wiki.
this shit is real.. but poor girl at start of the movie...she hide with out drinking that salt water....for true you must drink salt water and hold it in your mouth till finish.......

don t do this shit..especially place that you think you feel some weird thing!!!!
i warn ya!!! it real shit!
kinsei (2/14/2010 @ 7:51 am)
@ japan : thank you for the insight
Nya (3/18/2010 @ 3:34 am)
@Japan: that is really creepy.
alf garnet (3/20/2010 @ 12:46 am)
the movie was a bit boring and slow at times some good scare moments.It was also i bit hard to follow but over all not a bad movie thank you AHM 3.5/5
elli (3/22/2010 @ 1:55 am)
u know wat? i cant access all the movie in this site WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?
philippines (3/29/2010 @ 10:26 am)
no sada please don't block us
laharl (5/1/2010 @ 8:39 pm)
I loved this film.
Good scares, a lead you could empathise with, great atmosphere.
A proper j horror film. 9/10
Chubbykatze (5/19/2010 @ 10:52 pm)
12minutes into it and I've already had a nice scare, this one has a genuinely creepy atmosphere that makes you want to watch this with friends in the dark. Finally found a good one I hope. Thanks for uploading this! @Japan, I'll be sure to NOT do this as I am a very superstitious person!!
liz (6/8/2010 @ 6:44 pm)
There is a better version at vidreel, perhaps you could embed that one instead?
Bebe (6/13/2010 @ 5:46 am)
this surpose to be a real ritual to call on the dead if you want more info search "one man hide in seek" really creepy.
DarkMistress (6/28/2010 @ 2:17 pm)
LOL! The ending made me just... crack up laughing. She see's the dead girl in the closet and goes all I found you, then pauses, says name again and disappears LOL. Just, fucking hilarious and failcard of a movie...

It WAS scary when I read about the game itself beforeI watched the movie but the movie failed to follow the urban legend fully and ruined its scariness in the end for me. It was stupid around the end... Again, its a good movie for a good scare but... it got really retarded later on into the movie.
demon (7/2/2010 @ 5:58 pm) the slowest movie ever!!!took her 20 min to go from one room to another...............oookkkk....aaaa......yyyy
demon (7/2/2010 @ 5:59 pm)
i mean,im a fan of j horror.but this was crap
some1azn (8/28/2010 @ 12:58 am)
Six words that make this movie sound more scary than it already is: Hide and Seek, Japanese Horror Movie...
melody (8/29/2010 @ 5:01 pm)
i really like this one creepy.. i love japan!! im gonna try this one day