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Haunted Office

Haunted Office

Haunted Office

Haunted Office aka Office Yauh Gwai , 2002 Hong Kong Movie ,Directed by Marco Mak Chi-Sin

Three short stories about a series of mysterious deaths in an office building.

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Minnie (8/19/2008 @ 9:43 pm)
Those 2 guys that did that to Madam mary are assholes.
Bailey (12/14/2008 @ 7:39 pm)
cool movie
Lily (3/1/2009 @ 2:05 am)
I just love Karen Mok, everything she touches turns to gold.
Lily (3/1/2009 @ 3:49 am)
And Shu Qi, I kept expecting Gong Li to show up to make a my favorite actress hat trick!
KUMQUATS (5/9/2009 @ 11:48 am)
I taught I saw a putty ghost? I did, I did see a .....
God (6/12/2009 @ 7:06 am)
lol cool.
Minnie (6/19/2009 @ 12:06 am)
I love this movie.
Elin (7/14/2009 @ 9:56 am)
Scary :o.....
L (7/18/2009 @ 3:21 pm)
a must see movie! =D
it\'s cool, little scary and have some very funny parts XD

Jenniferloni (7/21/2009 @ 6:19 am)
I liked the movie.....
Elhaz (7/23/2009 @ 9:53 pm)
Not perfect, but it does some things quite well. There are some genuinely creepy parts and some mildly funny parts (though I thought these felt a little out of place... not to the point of ruining the movie, mind).

All in all, I do recommend watching it, even if it\'s not triple-A material. Acting is solid, some nice scares. The only thing I would say is it becomes less scary as the movie progresses. But you could do a lot worse than this. 7/10.
plop888 (9/10/2009 @ 7:23 pm)
A well written ghost story. I loved the eyeball in the coffee! XD
7/10 bones. Thanks for posting.
FemaleDamselFly (9/11/2009 @ 1:56 am)
All 3 stories tide up. Very nice

6/10 screamer
LouLou4u (9/14/2009 @ 12:09 pm)
good movie....ending was lame i thought...7/10
Lau (12/11/2009 @ 6:44 pm)
It was a good movie, but not so scary. The story line was good and its not intill the end that you get the whoule picture. 7/10

asian_pride (12/27/2009 @ 1:10 am)
mscash1 (1/10/2010 @ 8:05 am)
An absolute MUST WATCH!!! Fricken brilliant!! :p
Operior (4/27/2010 @ 1:17 pm)
Very smart ! Its not creepy or frightening but that's not the point of this movie.
Doll (4/29/2010 @ 11:04 am)
Superb movie, a must see. Be prepared though, for a brilliant twisted ending. :D
krizh1825 (5/10/2010 @ 8:58 am)
oh.. its a combined comedy and horror movie hahaha
NytQueen (5/11/2010 @ 12:24 am)
Luvd it...worth watching!

Has its creepy/suspensful moments tied in with some humor. I like the idea of it having different stories and in how they intersect w/ one another. ---> 8/10 :)
krizh1825 (5/14/2010 @ 5:12 am)
i'm not able to watch it.. all i see is ( connecting.. )
Akira (5/17/2010 @ 4:44 am)
Admins, problem with the audio. It echoes and crackles :(
Chubbykatze (5/19/2010 @ 9:48 pm)
So I am looking through the comments to see what this movie might be like. I like to do that cause people on this site are really good about not spoiling the movies and you can sort of get a feel for what type of movie it is. Then I see Operior say "Very smart ! Its not creepy or frightening but that's not the point of this movie." Since when does Asian HORROR movies not have movies that are scary? I see this ALL the time now in comments. It's not scary it's introspective and deep and that's better cause at least it's Asian? I don't get it, these comments are everywhere. Why? It's supposed to be for horror movies, why would I want to watch douches taking an inner look into their realities? I want to be creeped out, not sit there and contemplate the movie for hours after seeing it trying to decide whether what I saw was real or not, how it effected the main character, etc. ...
anj (5/25/2010 @ 2:30 pm)
i hate this buffering thing... i had a problem watching some of the movies here. it pauses for a couple of seconds then play then pause again then play..totally nonstop. probably for a single movie with 1 and 45mins would took me 3hours to finish. omg pls help..
bittersweetgrl (6/21/2010 @ 4:28 am)
was ok
bittersweetgrl (6/21/2010 @ 4:28 am)
was ok
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