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Making of Guinea Pig Series (Japanese)

Making of Guinea Pig Series (Japanese)

The Implanted 2007 (Thailand) horror movie

**WARNING CONATINS STRONG GORE**(Uploaded BY Ethen). After an investigation by Japanese authorities this movie was released to prove that it's all a big fake, and the myth of the Guinea Pig movies being real is not true.

The girl from "Devil's Experiment" laughs while her flesh gets twisted. The guy from "He Never Dies" longs to take the latex applications off.To watch all guinea pig series just look in our movie index list Under "G" .

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makemegood (5/30/2009 @ 1:55 pm)
first..hehehe.. gonna watch this movie now.
mazzaa (5/30/2009 @ 3:21 pm)
I love these guinea Pig Movies .I cant believe that people thought they was real.But I know they did cause allot of controversy in Japan when they was released.
yoru (5/30/2009 @ 3:50 pm)
being first is no big deal >.> this was ok was fun to see how they did things. thanks for uploading.
Aznboi (5/30/2009 @ 5:48 pm)
Very Interesting to see this.
Mina (5/30/2009 @ 11:06 pm)
Guys go see the guinea pig Movies if you haven\'t seen them before.
notabluff (5/31/2009 @ 1:34 am)
hehehehe....I was 1st but forgot to put the comment...hhehhehehe lololololoolo, ok movie for 1 timers
Deadpuppy (5/31/2009 @ 4:23 am)
I like most gore films but the guinea pig series are really bad.Low budget snuf films,no story just bad effects.
Ethen (Admin) (5/31/2009 @ 6:59 am)
They were made mostly just to show how far Japan had come in special effects at that time.
Karen (5/31/2009 @ 11:26 am)
@ deadpuppy , they are Not snuff Movies at all, thats the whole point of the documentary to show that. snuff is real and this docu shows that they was not.
karamashi (5/31/2009 @ 6:47 pm)
I love the new asian horror movies video intro! Just throwing that out there... This is also something I\'ve been wanting to see!
Laura (6/1/2009 @ 3:45 am)
Seriously? People thought the Guinea Pig series was REAL?
Ethen (Admin) (6/1/2009 @ 5:22 am)
This from Wikipedia...\"the films became infamous in the U.S. when in 1991 the actor Charlie Sheen mistook the second film of the series, Flower of Flesh and Blood for a genuine snuff film and contacted the FBI to report it.\"

Pretty pathetic. LOL
Infernal (6/1/2009 @ 9:55 am)
are u for real ? people were thinking gunea pig was real ha ha lol ... my fav is the marmaid
:O (6/2/2009 @ 2:35 am)
>\"I cant believe that people thought they was real\"
well this was old remember that little kid go play your pokemon *slaps wrist*
:) (6/2/2009 @ 11:31 am)
oh my god, people really thought this was real? common! i love mermaid in a manhole as well! sooo love it!
:) (6/2/2009 @ 11:32 am)
is there any real snuff film? as in real ones? please send me one!
singingriver (6/4/2009 @ 5:13 am)
The first GP flick I watched was Flowers of Flesh & Blood, but to be honest, I couldn\'t watch it all. I fast forwarded to the end. Very gory!
Chad (6/11/2009 @ 6:01 am)
This movie disgusts me >.
(6/15/2009 @ 12:52 pm)
i love it
(6/15/2009 @ 12:53 pm)
i have it......;)
is soooo sweet girl in this movie#
alwayshime (6/18/2009 @ 2:47 am)
omg video doesnt work!
sada (ADMIN)
bizaro (6/28/2009 @ 5:27 pm)
the video is not guinea pig. it\'s tokyo gore police???
wonderlandmafia (7/3/2009 @ 6:50 am)
You guys also gotta realize the guinea pig films were made in the 80\'s. the effefts arent gonna always be fantastic for their time they did a good job.
fail (7/19/2009 @ 8:19 pm)
this isn\'t the making of guinea pig. please fix it.
Rachel (8/18/2009 @ 7:50 am)
Come on! It´s very funny watch gory movies because we can see wonderful effects and feel some excitement. Yes, it´s even horny!
But, when someone like the folk above says \"please, send me a snuff movie\" sounds really ignorant to me!
Snuff movie is not a joke. It´s not a fake, it´s real torture and just a sick person would enjoy it! Let´s see if he/she would enjoy if he/she was the main star of a snuff movie
RL (8/19/2009 @ 5:52 pm)
See \'fail\'(7/19/2009) and others above. This is still not \'Making of Guinea Pig\' - it\'s \'Tokyo Gore Police\'. Please fix.
simsimma (9/2/2009 @ 11:12 pm)
out of all of them Flowers of Flesh & Blood was the hardest one for me to watch.
Ophelia_Paine (9/22/2009 @ 7:39 pm)
It\'s Tokyo Gore Police still >_
L!cia (10/8/2009 @ 2:21 am)
Yep... still TGP.
Pls pls fix this & let us c the making of those amazing films.
kujn (11/16/2009 @ 8:12 pm)
hey sada fix the film pls, this is tokyo gore police, not the making of guinea pig series :(
ikuta (12/4/2009 @ 7:05 am)
yo. this video is the tokyo gore police.. it\'s not the making of guinea pig. pls fix this.
rednightmare (1/9/2010 @ 2:00 pm)
Flower of Flesh and Blood was ok but for true gore and twisted movie fans give August Underground Mordum a try......consider this a warning though.
rednightmare (1/9/2010 @ 2:33 pm)
i know its not an asian horror film but i just felt the urge to say it....sorry for the cross culture.
(1/27/2010 @ 9:24 pm)
why does it show TGP?????????????
Adam (3/12/2010 @ 11:35 pm)
Hey guys please fix this! I've been trying to see "The making..." for weeks now, it shows Tokyo Gore Police!
damo (4/15/2010 @ 3:12 pm)
i tried this today and it dosnt work
Luiz (5/20/2010 @ 3:09 am)
"video not found or access denied"
marcos (9/3/2010 @ 12:32 am)
The video doesnt work.... I wanna watch, please