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God's Left Hand, Devil's Right Hand

God's Left Hand, Devil's Right Hand

watch God's Left Hand, Devil's Right Hand (2006) Japanese horror Online for FREE

(Japan 2006)
(Many Thanks To Ethen & Happy New years to all AHM Fans)

An amateur illustrator (Tomorowo Taguchi) commits a series of horrific murders..

His acts are detected by a young boy named So (Tsubasa Kobayashi) who has a powerful sixth sense.Could this lead them right into the clutches of the insane killer?


matruka007 (1/1/2010 @ 2:25 pm)
first to comment..
happy new year all AHM fanatics
Joe LA (1/1/2010 @ 6:35 pm)
2nd one to comment in this nu year..thanks so much for sharing awesome movies with us!.
Jimo (1/1/2010 @ 6:53 pm)
Really Cool Movie.
Traprat (1/1/2010 @ 8:27 pm)
Oh, i was looking for this! At last!
The manga was awsome, movie looks good so far too.
Btw, happy new year everybody ^^
plop888 (1/1/2010 @ 11:27 pm)
Only your fellow 12-year-olds care if you\'re first, second, or fiftieth. Rate the film, not yourselves.
BTW, the black capcha code letters are POX! XD
Now, on to the film.
wirrgirr (1/1/2010 @ 11:57 pm)
The maniac wore tennis shoes!
Love the split second Saul Bass title sequence!
Thank you admins for a wonderful web site! Happy New Year!
plop888 (1/2/2010 @ 1:21 am)
Really well done. Thanks for posting.
I\'m not going to want cake for like another year. And how does he keep the sneakers so white with all that blood squirting everywhere?
Happy New Year to all.
mygabster (1/2/2010 @ 4:17 am)
Great site. I have seen everything i have been wanting to see and then some. As far as the first or second post, I think plop888 need to take the stick out of bum and enjoy life a little more.
fishsticks (1/2/2010 @ 5:29 am)
maybe he likes it in there perhaps thats how he enjoys life dont judge people.
pepsi (1/2/2010 @ 5:43 am)
I find it inappropriate that they casted such young girls (5 to 10 year-olds) to inact murder scenes full of gore. Moreover, I find it inappropriate that they used a 3 year-old for their screenwriter, as I deduced from the plot. I give this movie 1 star out of 5, and only because of Asuka Shibuya\'s acting presence.
MyGabster (1/2/2010 @ 6:01 am)
I\'m not that\'s the point. Is he or she not judging the folks that are happy to post first. Is everyone so angry? Well, good site anyways. Smile people. This is a good site, no reason to give folks crap for having a good time here.
Lily (1/2/2010 @ 9:27 am)
Beyond a doubt the creepiest movie I\'ve seen in a long long time.Might be the best insane killer ever.I\'m not sure I want to thank Ethen for this one or not.I\'ll wait and see how I sleep tonight.I don\'t know who the actor is who played the nut job but he did a really convincing job of it.Aw hell thanks Ethen for starting my new year off with a major case of the heebie jeebies!

Ανδριαννα (1/2/2010 @ 1:56 pm)
great movie
ghie333 (1/2/2010 @ 2:25 pm)
hi admins,
happy new yearto all AHM fans...
i don\'t see the video...was it removed?pls. help...thanks!
qkf (1/2/2010 @ 3:06 pm)
Damn, another year already closer and closer we get to death...
half moon bay (1/2/2010 @ 5:26 pm)
happy new year to everyone who enjoy asian horror movies & admin too u all are great people!
plop888 (1/2/2010 @ 9:13 pm)
@ mygabster, Hey! I just pulled that stick you mentioned out of my bum! Wow! Life is so much more enjoyable!
Wanna smell the business end?! :)
McLuvin75 (1/2/2010 @ 10:33 pm)
This is a terrible film don`t watch it!!!
mygabster (1/2/2010 @ 10:48 pm)
@plop888. That was great. lmfao!. See, we can have fun. Hey look, I\'m number 19 to post here. Yeah!
Hey, admins great film.
sinn (1/3/2010 @ 12:38 am)
Loved this one.Really Good Movie.
Ethen (ADMIN)
ghie333 ,
The movie\'s still there and working.
LouLou4u (1/3/2010 @ 3:13 am)
Thought it was good...good acting. 8/10
Baroth (1/3/2010 @ 4:14 am)
Movie Trivia: It\'s Tomorowo Taguchi (the guy who plays in Tetsuo), he\'s got a really evil grin!! That man has played in so many films it s just unreal.As for the little girl who plays his daughter, she looks like one of the kids from the movie \'Daremo shiranai\' Momoko Shimizu is her name (according to the net).
I did not like the manga at all, but movie is O.K, nothing major though.Not really scary nor gory or particularly original, acting was good though (biased though as I really like T.Taguchi)
dj chaos (1/3/2010 @ 12:21 pm)
video not found, what a bummer, I was looking forward to this one.
sada (ADMIN)
dj chaos , Just checked movie and it seems to be playing ok.Try refreshing the page and try again.
PHILIPPINES (1/6/2010 @ 6:06 am)
American Banana (1/7/2010 @ 4:35 pm)
twenty seven to comment..
ONIHERO (1/7/2010 @ 11:43 pm)
\"video not found\" plz help
sada (ADMIN)
@ ONIHERO, Just checked movie and it seems to be playing ok.Try refreshing the page and try again.
VincentV (1/9/2010 @ 3:06 am)
Pretty dang good stuff. It\'s a shame to have little kids involved with so much gore though... But man that guy playing the psycho did a tremendous job, who the heck would want to meet THAT??? It\'s pretty comic-bookish, but that\'s a relief, the bizarre nature kind of let some pressure off of the intense scenes. Which were pretty darn intense despite the cheesy effects, there is some great acting in this movie which carries it despites a slightly spotty but decent enough, and certainly twisted, plot.
Deathnell (1/9/2010 @ 3:11 pm)
This was a really good movie which I thought took some elements from some great mangas/animes such as \"Monster\" (the storybooks) as well as \"Hellgirl\" (the power to send a person to hell). I also see a bit of \"The Sixth Sense\". I think the child character could be used again and again in sequels if they wanted. It would interesting to follow Sou as he pursues those with evil in their hearts to punish (with his Devil hand) and bring back to life (His God hand).
Traprat (1/10/2010 @ 5:23 pm)
@ Deathnell: It\'s originally a manga, same name, and it actually is a pretty good manga in my opinion.

Anyway, finished it now... the movie is okay, only kind of bad effects.
AreuKidding (1/15/2010 @ 9:44 pm)
You people who thought this junk was \"damn good\" have the absolute worst taste in movies. You have to be brainless to think this load of crap is in any way, shape, or form, a good movie. I beg of you all who actually know what you are talking about to please comment, because obviously the only ones leaving comments are the complete morons of the world. This was awful garbage and should be banned from this site. Love the site, by the way. So hard to find good movies when every idiot on the face of the planet seems to rate horrible movies as good ones, and vice versa. Next time I want to watch a good one, I will look for comments that say the opposite, since no one seems to have a f-ing clue what good is.
I posted this comment twice to save all who inquire about this movie. Please don\'t waste your time. This is 90minutes of your life that you will never get back!
Grape (1/16/2010 @ 12:45 am)
Really good Movie.The killer in this is just so creepy.A must watch 4.5/5
Imahavah (1/17/2010 @ 1:26 am)
Didnt like it.
Sweet deaf (1/20/2010 @ 9:07 am)
I love it very good movie! some comment jealousy over child actor is bad thing? They know about it! come on guy? Be real but life not fair kid want be superstar experience actor. Kids will listen their parent about lesson respect for reason of kill not fun. Why you have issues with that kid may effect? By the way you just catch up teach them before wrong time. They be all right! Stop hater jealousy act fool SHM
Mr. Wth (1/20/2010 @ 6:21 pm)
Wait..he writes CHILDRENS books? Are they serious?
Akathisiac (1/30/2010 @ 11:20 pm)
Video not found - I know you were doing some site work - I did try refresh several times, still got the same message. Will look forward to seeing this later, its not like there isn't a ton more movies to watch tonight here. lol
Zoodie (4/16/2010 @ 5:04 am)
Avast! Free found a trojan on this page.
Mustang (4/19/2010 @ 4:18 am)
Didn't like the movie much. In these types of movie
why do psychos walk so methodically slow, step by step and always find their prey, no matter where they hide? Dumb, dumb, dumb!!!
mygabster is a moron (5/9/2010 @ 2:56 am)
have fun somewhere else these comments are for the movie and if the link is dead. so go suck a cock and stop defending those assholes.

@pepsi suck a chod just because your some christian white trash doesnt mean the whole world has to be. if you dont like it go commit suicide

as for the movie it was decent. just dont expect much and you might enjoy it.
Bass (5/11/2010 @ 7:12 am)
I love Ai Maeda. She can make a bad movie watchable
JHardy (6/17/2010 @ 11:19 pm)
Thanks for the post.

The sister is sooooo Dumb! lol
Akathisiac (6/27/2010 @ 10:43 pm)
Fantastic movie - very unique. I liked all the characters, it was a fun story to watch. Not extremely complicated, but not every movie has to be. **SPOILER** The movie in a lot of ways followed the storybooks the killer wrote for his "daughter" Momo. Simple and straightforward, with the bad guy getting his dues in the end. I expected nothing different, but I must admit, I really liked the whole speech Sou gives about his right and left hand. Nice.

Watch it, its enjoyable!
~ Akathisiac