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Dark water

2002 Japanese The plot involves a woman, Yoshimi Matsubara who, in the midst of an unpleasant divorce, moves to an eerie run-down apartment building with her young daughter, Ikuko . The ceiling of their apartment has a dark and active leak.

Yoshimi discovers that the upstairs apartment, which appears to be the source of the leak, was formerly the home of a young girl named Mitsuko Kawai, the Nightmare then begins to unravel....

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Kathy (6/26/2008 @ 11:53 pm)
Wow.. This is really sad....
Horror Reviewer (6/28/2008 @ 4:26 am)
This J-Horror movie is now one of my favorites. Its one of the greatest i\'ve seen.
Juri (6/29/2008 @ 8:35 pm)
OMG I love this movie.
It\'s just that the pause/play/loading progress bar in this particular movie is missing. That kinda sucks cuz u cant pause it. Ugh.
meme3 (7/3/2008 @ 7:47 am)
Can\'t see the ending, the movie cuts off abruptly when Yoshi is in the elevator holding the *cough* dead girl*cough*
I\'ve tried reloading the page and everything and it still won\'t work :(
dEeyeY (7/18/2008 @ 11:00 am)
a must see for j-horror fans.. it may be slow and a lil tamed for some who are not used to asian horror genre..
Mindy26 (7/28/2008 @ 2:11 pm)
A must see! I will purchase the original....
anon (8/8/2008 @ 11:33 pm)
This is ok but disappointing for me overall. Touching in parts but rarely scary. Not in the A-list but still worth watching.
iva (8/30/2008 @ 12:59 pm)
this movie is not scary at all but it is worth watching to see what mother will do for her child...
it is so sad that i cry on the end of this movie...
watch it!!!!
prettyandsmart (9/8/2008 @ 5:13 am)
if u like j-horror then you\'ll probably want to watch this one ... it might seem slow bcoz they take time to develop the plot (keke ... I\'m no movie critic so don\'t rely on my opinion alone)
Wendy (9/30/2008 @ 12:03 am)
Very creepy.
Dark_Misstres (10/1/2008 @ 5:45 am)
Well...this movie become one of the classics of asian horror movies, better than the american version. 7 of 10 screams.
chini (10/1/2008 @ 6:03 am)
great movie, better than american version. asian horror films rock!
Cree (10/2/2008 @ 6:45 pm)
I think that what I said about Tale of Two Sisters.
The movie is a good, good plot, good acting, but It is NOT a horror movie. It a a thiller, full of suspense and plot twists.

Not scary but definately an B+
Anon (10/7/2008 @ 6:53 pm)
Awesome movie
a must watch!!
i cried in the end
beegirl (10/12/2008 @ 7:23 pm)
Great movie! Loved the part when the mom is climbing the watertower and the ghost taps the tank from the inside!
knx (11/7/2008 @ 2:07 am)
beegirl, you make me wanna vomit all over you.. I¨ve already seen this one but those who have not will surely hate your comment. YOU SUCK (beegirl). big time. xxx
Funeralstorm (11/20/2008 @ 1:01 am)
Loved This Movie
lulu (12/20/2008 @ 10:11 pm)
Wonderful movie. I really like it and watch it twice. Thanks !!
Vampire_heart (12/26/2008 @ 8:31 pm)
This was really sad.....Will watch again...thanks..xxxx
yeeah (12/27/2008 @ 8:15 am)
hehehehehe ( evil laugh)
ChrmdThree (1/6/2009 @ 8:38 am)
I like this one and also the american one. it\'s a lil scary...but the storylone is just great.
(1/9/2009 @ 1:55 am)
she is such a bitch... what the fuck.... i hate her she don\'t deserve the child like that...
D.Angel (1/12/2009 @ 5:16 am)
The movie was good, and the ending wasn\'t too bad, just really sad, 4 outta 5 stars.
Blue (1/14/2009 @ 11:41 pm)
This is a terrific film. Has some creepy moments. A sad and disturbing plot. Worth watching for sure.
*~AnNA~* (1/19/2009 @ 5:32 pm)
awwww that was sad {teared up when iku lost mama}i like this one better than the american version
Freeman (2/7/2009 @ 7:21 am)
this movie is sad.but it\'s worth the watch.
Geminate (2/24/2009 @ 9:40 am)
Thirsty? Here have a big glass of dead rotting body water. Mmmm!
Roach (2/25/2009 @ 5:32 am)
I am a huge fan of J-Horror and when I got the dvd of this I was looking forward to a good plot with a few scares. I got neither, the plot while somewhat original wasn\'t executed properly, this would have made a good short film or something of that nature, and the only real scare is from a freaking haunted water-spot and a cheep surprise scare Towards the end of the film. Neat idea but this could have been a 15-20 minute short film in a collection like \"Unholy Woman\".
Shige (3/14/2009 @ 3:05 am)
not bad but its not that awesome =/ expected something better
fud (4/6/2009 @ 7:39 pm)
baa dak do yang lamak film ko....bosan lo den nonton...rancak belajar lai.....nonton ka nontonc.....santa lai jaleh ujian.....ingek a tujuan pai ka mesir....a ..tu lah azan ..capek lah kumasajik lai....lah lu yo..caw ciek lu
puffy (4/8/2009 @ 2:27 pm)
how can i watch it? hmmm.. i like the poster. weee. creepy!
watcher (4/19/2009 @ 4:13 am)
this movie is bullshit...there was nothin scary about it
Kuhkmala (4/25/2009 @ 6:42 am)
Quite a number of the Japanese horror films I have seen seem to suffer from a lack of development and poor acting/dialogue. I am most happy to say this movie has none of that, in my opinion, and it is a terrific movie. Although I didn\'t find very much of the movie scary, the dramatic story, good acting, and intense atmosphere kept me going. Its wonderful to finally find a gem after encountering so much fools gold.
Amazed (5/3/2009 @ 5:23 am)
This movie was more creepy than scary.

It was very very very sad though. I loved this movie for its in-depth details of what a mother will do for her child.

The end, where the 5-year old cries, made me cry. Dx
Amazed (5/3/2009 @ 5:30 am)
Also, I love this site.

If I was of proper age, I would definitely donate to you guys. Great choice of movies, great formate + style and amazing loading speeds.

Also, you may want to change your copyright date to 2009, not 2008. Not sure if you did that already, i was just wondering x]
jin-seong (5/15/2009 @ 9:37 am)
happy anniversary!!!

long live!!!

i\'ve just watched your video, anyways who are those people

ah this film is awesome not that scary but worth-watching
sada (ADMIN)
@jin-seong, The people in the video are all members of this website/forum/chatroom
Madmanman (7/7/2009 @ 8:00 am)
First pasrt of movie is miss... :((
razorbbq (7/31/2009 @ 2:18 am)
Hmm cant see the first part of this film, just get the crunchyrolls add. Wounder if you guys can fix this? :D love this film!!
LouLou4u (8/22/2009 @ 2:08 am)
wonderful and sad movie...movies about mothers and their children always get to me(crying)
***spoiler*** I hate that the \'other\' lil brat got her mama tho-that sucks alot!
8/10 kinda a loooonnnng one!
Kristy (8/22/2009 @ 6:30 am)
This movies is really sad.
Sang (8/24/2009 @ 10:42 am)
A nice movie quite sad and tragic though and poor little iku-chan. Kanno Rio rocks such a good actress at such a young age, she also played a roll in Noroi\'s Curse which is another good\'ol horror and is also available on this site. Very nice ending song 9/10 banana\'s thanks for the upload!
Zuggernaught (9/1/2009 @ 9:11 am)
I\'m with Roach, this is more suited for a short than a full length film. Still nicely shot, good atmosphere, few scares.....
(10/16/2009 @ 8:31 pm)
did anyone else notice that the bag had \"MIMIKO\" on it. Referencing One Missed Call maybe?
James (10/25/2009 @ 11:08 am)
I have been a loyal fan of this site for more than a year now. I just wanted to see this movie again and guess what? It takes FOREVER to load. Not only that, this also happens with other movies in this site.novamov is not the only pain in the butt, that jw player is causing problems. What is happening?Before I could load as many as 3 movies and watch them one after another.Now, I am lucky if I could watch one whole movie.....
sada (ADMIN)
@ James , I must admit that novamov does seem to be slow, we will do our best to get things speeded up for you with different players :)
Kiana (11/29/2009 @ 8:23 pm)
After it say an OZproduction or whatever it stople
ThisIsAFunGame (12/21/2009 @ 8:46 pm)
A must see! Thank u admin!! :)
Ishtar (1/8/2010 @ 5:55 pm)
Not to be mean but how come it keeps blinking? It\'s kind of annoying.
Steph (2/21/2010 @ 3:13 am)
I'm having a bit of trouble with this. :/ I did download the latest version of DivX and I'm watching this on FireFox but it doesn't seem to be loading. I kept it paused for awhile but it didn't load any of the movie - instead it buffers every few seconds while it's playing.
Comma (4/14/2010 @ 5:50 am)
Great movie, I'd rate it at least 8/10. Not excessively scary, but really good story, just really, really sad. Reaaaallly sad. Since the movie itself doesn't warn you, I figure someone should. I wouldn't call it horror, really. Sort of a Supernatural/Suspense/Tragedy with horror subtext.

This is my first review on this site, I just found it about a week ago. A huge thanks to the admins, this is the absolute best website I've found for Asian horror... and free movies in general. I ran out of good horror movies to watch on Netflix and was already rewatching all the Asian horror they had available (which really wasn't all that much), so I'm totally psyched about this. Thank you so much for setting up this amazing website!
skoda (6/26/2010 @ 6:56 am)
Excellent movie. Great plot and good acting.
Emilychan666 (7/2/2010 @ 10:45 pm)
Hi, i have DivX webplayer installed but the video wont show, it does this for all sites. ;(
Gwenabee (8/29/2010 @ 9:34 pm)
Awww, I cried... and it has been a long time since I cried at a film.. beautful movies, very heart-rending. One of my faves now. 9/10
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