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Kji Kawano's CRUEL RESTAURANT (ZANKOKU HANTEN) 2008.Just what is the mystery ingredient in the pot stickers at Togen Restaurant? Those who look for the answer have a habit of disappearing.

So when body parts start washing up on the beach, police trace the murders to Togen's seemingly innocent owner

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Death (12/12/2008 @ 4:31 pm)
The 2nd part leads to a different story. Please upload the 2nd part.
Sakura (12/12/2008 @ 4:57 pm)
Where is Part 2 for this movie??? The link goes to a totally different movie. Please upload the correct one. Thank.
ethen (ADMIN)
I\'ll sort it out when I get back from shopping. Sorry.
Sada (ADMIN)
I removed part 2 so it links to part 3 now, but I,m not sure if its right , can soemone tell me if it makes sense in terms of the story of the movie.
zhang (12/12/2008 @ 10:22 pm)
no the middle part is still missing
Sada (ADMIN)
OK its all fixed now :).Enjoy the movie guys.Sorry about the mix up.
Sakura (12/14/2008 @ 6:16 am)
Thank you for fixing it. :)
shazza (12/14/2008 @ 10:25 am)
this isn\'t exactly horror, tho it was really cheesy funny! :P kiddies beware, it\'s got adult content!
thyncho90210 (12/14/2008 @ 5:12 pm)
this films isn´t of horror =(
Cocoa (12/15/2008 @ 9:56 pm)
This movie was sooooo funny! Definately worth watching for a good laugh. There is a lot of sex in it though, very naughty =)
loserbeep (12/16/2008 @ 6:41 pm)
OMG! thank you for telling me! i hate those scenes, disgusting, stinky, rotten, barf. so thanx for the warning!
PERVERT (5/31/2009 @ 6:27 am)
Sonya (6/10/2009 @ 11:51 am)
There is murder so I get why its under horror, but... it\'s more of a perverse comedy than anything else.

The conclusion is similar to stories I\'ve heard about things like this happening in RL before.
ArmyWife (6/12/2009 @ 1:47 am)
This movie was already cheesy from the beginning. It\'s so stupid that I had to laugh, this is no horror movie. Very nasty, I swear, are they running outta ideas for horror movies or something? Of course they throw in nudity & some sex to catch certain people\'s attention to have them watched it but I wasted my life watching this movie.
sss (6/17/2009 @ 6:44 pm)
ist part is not working
tuk (6/17/2009 @ 8:44 pm)
working fine for me:)
yo (6/19/2009 @ 10:33 am)
sick movie, but great :)
Meri (6/28/2009 @ 11:31 am)
Surprise porno, anyone? :D
Funny movie.
asian (6/30/2009 @ 12:35 am)
thats the dumbest movie! the picture looks scarier!
dumb ass shit right there!
... (8/5/2009 @ 7:36 am)
ummm this id just my opinon but at the beging who else thought it was chezzy as hell
Zara (8/5/2009 @ 3:41 pm)
iloveyouMihiro!! (8/12/2009 @ 1:21 pm)
Hahahaha...oke funny story about this movie...-i went to buy some horror dvd at this place beside the road,(all dvd bootleg places are besides the road in indonesia) and i asked the guy for any good horror movies (cause 9 out of 10 movies they sell they already watched it so they know which are the best movies and which are whacked) anyhow, he told me that this movie is super good, soo i bought it and went home to watch it..with my family (well you see in indonesia porns are illegal!^_^) you should\'ve seen how my maids (who was also watching with us) started screaming \"eeeeeeeck pooooorn!!\" and ran away. anyways this movie made my maids told on other maids who ended up telling they bosses about my family watching porn together hahahaha!!
Trezen (8/22/2009 @ 2:41 pm)
LOL..WTF man?hahaha
Sang (8/24/2009 @ 5:02 pm)
@ iloveyouMihiro!! LOL haha good going buddy.. is that MIhiro Taniguchi u porn lover? XD
gomgom (9/1/2009 @ 4:18 am)
omg! mihiro is so cute lol love u!!!lol i have the movie and now i know y it taste sooo good , should\'ve figure... master stop! y r u doing this... lol she\'s so cute
Kay (9/17/2009 @ 2:31 pm)
Overall, lost interest, watching this movie, I agree with the cute comments, but overall its just another movie with some sex scenes, I think you should add (18+) to it, I mean I would watch some movies with my friends and family, but lucky i watched this alone...4/10
xxmExx (9/19/2009 @ 4:29 am)
hahaha! watch the first part! its sooooooooo funny seeing his face! so funny looking at his teeth!!!! hahaha!!! and its so funny watching him screaming like a little sissy!!!! haha! and awwww poor thing...hes crying!!!
Desdemona (9/26/2009 @ 12:39 am)
\"Video not found or access denied\"
kitsune09 (9/27/2009 @ 9:58 am)
The is a problem with the movie...It is not loading...There is a access denied or movie not found note on it!!!!!
sada (ADMIN)
we are on the case fixing it.Thnx for letting us know
Hada (11/6/2009 @ 3:47 pm)
When will this be fixed? I hope soon been checking everyday for 2 weeks now
shiftling (11/9/2009 @ 10:33 pm)
lol. i can\'t stop giggling at the acting and stuff. XD
Sumoni (11/22/2009 @ 12:42 am)
I got bored of this movie after a while.
tony (12/4/2009 @ 8:30 am)
i hate mega video promise
Andy Tran (2/22/2010 @ 5:49 pm)
this movie was alright...If you like this movie you should watch Bunman or Ebola syndrome in Hong kong section ..its better then this :)
coach (2/27/2010 @ 4:11 pm)
if you wanna laugh then it's worth watching...
I think it's a kinda sick movie.
drdr (5/10/2010 @ 10:36 am)
moviewatcher (5/10/2010 @ 10:39 am)
where are those so called porn parts?
The actress is so gorgeous.. would like to see her in some sexy stuff, nothing scandalous till now. :(

Seriously this site is great!! a large choice of really great movies here..good job SADA..Thanks a lot
Priya (8/13/2010 @ 11:56 pm)
This movie is so bad it's....well....just bad. lol The girl is pretty, I'll concede, but the sex scenes were laughable. If you're looking for a sex film (it isn't even good enough to be called erotica,imo) and don't care about quality, this is for you. Still, thanks to Asian Horror for giving us a chance to watch and critique it.