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Blues Harp

Blues Harp

Blues Harp (1998) Japanese Yakuza Takashi Miike

Country & Year:   (Japanese) (1998)

Tags:   (Yakuza|Asian-Mob|Shooting|Takashi-Miike)



Bi-racial bartender Chuji (Tanabe Seichi), son of an Okinawan mother and a black American GI, moves into a music career after a record executive hears his dynamic blues harmonica playing.

When young yakuza Kenji (Ikeuchi Hiroyuki) collapses in the alley behind the nightclub where Chuji works, his life is saved by Chuji's girlfriend, a veteran's assistant. It's the beginning of a dangerous association, as the gangster introduces the bluesman to another way of life -- and soon big trouble and murder comes his way.


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kumquats (5/23/2011 @ 1:39 am)
Thanks.Interesting pic.
Eskolas (5/23/2011 @ 1:37 pm)
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Lfrog1386 (5/23/2011 @ 3:35 pm)
@Eskolas; way to appreciate all the hard work admin does to keep us entertained with new movies. After all, it isn't their fault new Asian horror doesn't come out every week. Not only that, they took the time to post a query in forum asking if we preferred to wait for new horror or would we be OK with other styles of Asian film? Everyone that responded to it responded positively. Where were you?

If you don't like what's showing, take your comments to another site or better yet, make your own and see how well you do with it!
The Tall Man (5/23/2011 @ 6:47 pm)

I'll contact every writer in Central Asia, Near East Asia, East Asia and Far East Asia I can and tell them to make scary movies for you. So sorry for this inconvenience.

Yours Respectfully,
The Tall Man
Aki L (6/5/2011 @ 10:22 am)
I missed Eskolas' comment, but it must have been pretty brutal. Looks like Lfrog1386 took care of it, well stated! I was surprised at reading the description on this movie, but no complaints here. Keep up the good work Sada, Lady Death, & everyone else who contributes. :) I'll patiently wait for the new horror & until then perhaps check out some of these in the meantime...
Aki L (6/5/2011 @ 10:29 am)
Oh, one more thing - my feeling is that the wait will be well worth it, because unlike Hollywood, Asian directors give it their all to produce the best quality movies they can. It may take more time, but the results will turn out much better. =)Glad to see the admins. are still updating the site with other films of quality until the new horror becomes available.
(5/12/2014 @ 10:06 pm)
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