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1998 Hong Kong Horror. Hong Kong's answer to George Romero's Dawn Of The Dead.A soft drink tainted with bio-chemicals has the power to turn people into flesh-eating zombies

.Soon there are zombies everywhere! A group of mall employees must bond together to try and fight their way out

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Jacob (2/6/2009 @ 6:14 pm)
Great .I love Asian Zombie Movies ..
pooh_key_new (2/7/2009 @ 12:56 am)
boring..low budget, and lack of storylines..2/10
death (2/7/2009 @ 8:29 am)
This one is boring. No sense at all. Wouldn\'t even rate it at 2.
Urutia (2/7/2009 @ 11:21 am)
This is a very fun Movie.Have a sense of humour guys .
marto (2/8/2009 @ 9:33 am)
watched this about a year ago, and it was still just as hilarious. However, if you\'re looking for an even better Zombie film, go watch Tokyo Zombie. :)

VincentV (2/9/2009 @ 2:24 am)
C\'mon, this was pretty good. Until about 2/3 in when it got kinda serious then, well, bleh... But I\'m glad I wasn\'t drinking milk during the first parts, that was some funny stuff.
wanchu (2/9/2009 @ 9:34 am)
Yes , Its the mix of horror movies on this site that makes it the best Asian horror site on the net.

If every movie was like shutter or tale of 2 sisters it would get boring..Its fun to have some cheesy / funny zombie movies mixed in there too.
anon (2/9/2009 @ 7:52 pm)
better than i expected.
Lily (3/10/2009 @ 12:51 am)
Hilarious Zombie entertainment,another one for the annals of the undead!
wintermute (3/19/2009 @ 2:35 am)
this movie is hilarious.

great stuff.
(4/14/2009 @ 9:32 am)
ZZZZZZ y dey have to put Asian Horror movies at the start.... so annoying zzzz
zenzen (5/3/2009 @ 6:19 am)
does anyone know what the name of the song playing at the end of the movie is?
SpiderofBeauty (5/11/2009 @ 12:46 am)
Great movie, I especially loved the end.
Yay for funny zombie movies
zombie (6/8/2009 @ 7:59 am)
loved it..if you like zombie flicks,watch bio zombies.
Visitor_Q (6/15/2009 @ 2:10 am)
Hilarious and zany comedy.
Gunslinger (7/5/2009 @ 11:22 pm)
The movie is stupid, but Jordan Chan and Sam Lee really save the day. Its definitely a zombie comedy, and the main characters really pull it together well. If it wasn\'t for them, I wouldnt have watched it, but seeing how they deal with everything and the friendship they have is what this movie is really about, and in that manner it shines. I enjoyed it quite a bit.
Jenniferloni (7/11/2009 @ 11:49 pm)
this was a good comedy I would watch it again
singingriver (8/20/2009 @ 3:28 am)
Really great for this genre. Angela Tong in those short shorts makes me want to don a santa claus suit, put her on my lap, and spend a few hours asking her what she wants for xmas...
Nani (8/27/2009 @ 1:49 am)
xD it was hilarious love the male characters. good movie. 8/10
(10/11/2009 @ 5:19 am)
Video isn\'t working.
sada (ADMIN)
Thnx for letting us know..Now fixed
Win (11/6/2009 @ 6:11 pm)
Video isn\'t working
sada (ADMIN)
Thnx for letting us know..Now fixed again :)
Win (11/7/2009 @ 3:27 pm)
Hi there, thanks for the upload. But why isn\'t the movie in cantonese?
Becca (7/25/2010 @ 9:35 pm)
The only reason I didn't watch was because it was dubbed.
Terence (8/19/2010 @ 12:41 pm)
Dumbass, watch finish it b4 you comment. the starting part of this movie is total bored. but when at the bio chemical part it became interesting.
and if you wanna watch in original language (cantonese)go to and search bio zombie