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A Wicked Ghost

A Wicked Ghost

A Wicked Ghost

1999 Hong KongA group of friends decide to do a ritual to contact the spirit world, but things go bad and a spirit actually appears..

One by one the group of friends die, one of them who is not affected by the spirit tries to uncover the truth behind the ghost...

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(8/29/2008 @ 11:28 am)
If needed, copy and paste:
val (8/31/2008 @ 10:48 pm)
not good.preety crappy plot and only semi interesting at the end.some creepy scenes but overall not worth the watch.
Gemma (10/16/2008 @ 10:21 pm)
I got very bored at how slow this movie took to take off. The characters were annoying, always talking over each other and I found the subtitles to be too quick to read sometimes. The picture looks scarier than the actual movie, really.
BlackNinja (11/23/2008 @ 7:52 pm)
Very slow moving and not worth the wait.
carla (11/25/2008 @ 2:36 pm)
VERY BAD ACTING!!! i swear 2 gawd!! no joke at first i thought it was a comedy horror flick...WRONG!!
loserbeep (12/17/2008 @ 1:33 am)
OMG! the first scene with the guy in the bathtub and stuff...i thought he was playin a practical joke on them! but come to find out he was supposed to be the ghost...what the??? seriously!
akatgn (2/9/2009 @ 9:56 pm)
gigi lai !! yeah!
(4/20/2009 @ 3:37 am)
Come on... for real? such a silly start can only mean on thing: retarded movie! don\'t waste your time.
FROGG (6/24/2009 @ 11:10 am)
3 reasons why you SHOULD watch this:

> a few scary scenes
> the plot itself is fast-paced; no boring longwinded dialogues
> pretty actresses

3 reasons why you SHOULD NOT watch this:

> Bad acting
> Amateurish Bad acting
> Exaggerating Amateurish Bad Acting
GIVE SOME SLACK (6/25/2009 @ 11:15 pm)
c`mon on, give them some slack, it\'s an old movie! got to think outside the box immatures!
JenniferLoni (7/28/2009 @ 6:40 pm)
Strange but ok
gothceltgirl (7/29/2009 @ 1:58 pm)
Kind of a hoot to have some drinks with pals & watch. And its not that old, its only from 1999, but the sound effects are from like 1979. Some of them actually sound like I did them myself. Well it looks like they have B movies as well. Ahhh, B Movies bringing the world together...
plop888 (11/7/2009 @ 9:04 pm)
Such a silly start can only mean one thing: retarded movie! waste your time. XD
Terrifying! Award-winning acting! Awesome special effects! Not funny! (Honest!) XD
3/10 bones. Thanks for posting.
Hotmac (12/30/2009 @ 11:27 pm)
please fix the movie. its says video not found.
thank you.
sada (ADMIN)
@ Hotmac .This movie link is dead , we will do our best to get it back up asap.Thank you very much for letting us know.
(3/17/2010 @ 10:35 pm)
first part of the movie it is not showing,only the second part, i will waith until you sada or somebody fix this,im not go and say is a bad and boring movie like others are saying i need to see it first, thank you for all the movies, keep up the good work!!!!!!!!
Luna Zorge (6/27/2010 @ 1:53 pm)
Well it says "Video not found or access denied: "
BlueEyesWhite (8/28/2010 @ 9:16 am)
rynn (9/1/2010 @ 2:14 am)
video not found T_T. I really wanna watch it. can somebody please fix it?