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Audition japanese horror movie

Directed by Takashi Miike , AKA Ôdishon . Seven years after the death of his wife, company executive Aoyama is invited to sit in on auditions for an actress. Leafing through the resumés in advance, his eye is caught on Yamazaki Asami, a striking young woman with ballet training.

On the day of the audition, she's the last person they see. Aoyama is hooked. He notes her number from her file, calls her and takes her to dinner. Thats the beginning of the Nightmare for Aoyama.

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ashu (5/23/2008 @ 11:49 pm)
mini (6/20/2008 @ 9:51 am)
mand dis movie is weird n confusing.... dnt understand da meaning n dnt understand da movie....
louis (6/21/2008 @ 6:21 am)
this movie rocks
dan9er (6/22/2008 @ 7:54 pm)
last third of the film is great the rest is a bit boring
Spinelli (6/24/2008 @ 3:09 pm)
The first 1:20 of this movie is slow. Slow is an understatement, though. The last third is good, but not worth the wait. This is more of a psychological thriller than a horror movie.
minelli (6/27/2008 @ 5:51 pm)
So intresting, i felt like i had a conncection with japanese people all around the world. I also learn\'t the language!
Sabz (6/29/2008 @ 6:33 pm)
I saw parts of this movie on a horror movie countdown show and it looked freaky, so I watched it... It\'s not really that hot actually to me. Everything but the last 15 minutes is reeeeeeally boring.
Imahavah (7/9/2008 @ 9:57 pm)
Sad and strange film. I liked it!
bao (7/9/2008 @ 11:48 pm)
Wasn\'t what i had expected but very... Shocking.
dEeyeY (7/12/2008 @ 12:17 pm)
Sabz and I must have seen the same scary movie countdown (was it on VH1?) that made me check out this movie to find out what the hype is all about.. it starts out a bit slow but later on becomes more interesting... i think its worth the wait.
StarlightMinjoo (7/21/2008 @ 1:44 am)
I shouldn\'t have watched this movie. My friends told me to so I did, but it wasn\'t worth the wait. 1/5 rating.
VincentV (8/4/2008 @ 11:35 pm)
I love it, so many of you guys are totally missing the point! Dig up some intervies with Miike & you\'ll see he intentionally dragged out the first part of the film to get on your nerves! Definitely not your typical slasher. I don\'t know if I could sit through it again to be honest, without horse tranquilizers... Dang that\'s one evil broad.
rodrigo (8/17/2008 @ 9:57 am)
i hated this movie and found it to be boring and shallow as hell. it\'s up there with hostel when it comes to the shallowness of the plot. the raped little child gone serial killer is overdone. there was nothing complex about the storyline in this movie.

and i wouldn\'t call the girl a broad. she looked like william hung\'s twin. that is not a good thing for a woman.
U dont wanna know (8/22/2008 @ 5:32 am)
i kinda laught at their add saying: warning:may cause death in 7 days
trey (9/3/2008 @ 11:52 pm)
i love the way this film was made,it tests your patience and you are well rewarded in the end.I cant comprehend the amount of people that probably turned it off half an hour in.hahaha..they missed out.
Riku (9/15/2008 @ 11:34 pm)
Mini I know why you didn\'t understand the movie its because your illiterate and can\'t read or spell properly. As for the movie 4/5.
U dont wanna know (9/23/2008 @ 11:21 am)
have u noticed that this movie is the same as stephen king\'s misery?i\'ll give you reasons
1.The tortured is a man, the torturer is a girl
2.The feet torture was the sickest
3.Someone came to help them Audition:Aoyama\'s son
Misery:the guy annie wikes shot
4.And finally; the tortured wins!!!
I don\'t know if theres more
U dont wanna know (9/23/2008 @ 11:23 am)
Ooopsss... I forgot both are psychological horror movies
Vana (9/23/2008 @ 6:38 pm)
The translation wasn\'t perfect and its beginning was pretty slow (like most Asian horror movies) but it has stunning cinematography, no cliche horror music, and good enough acting... so I guess I should keep on watching...
Deano (9/25/2008 @ 2:22 am)
i saw this movie last night on zone horror.out of all the top asian films there is, they picked this one,why?this film does not live upto its reputation,
nabin (9/29/2008 @ 6:52 pm)
This flim rock\'s
Dark_Misstres (10/1/2008 @ 6:11 am)
Damn...a twisted girl kind of gore stuff but ok. 7/10 screamers.
da NICKEY (10/5/2008 @ 10:05 am)
ummmmm i didnt get this shit.......wtff??
so that girl was a robot??!! huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh??!!
who da hell made her and whyy
wtf is she a robot??!!
yooo im confused as hell
and i expected sum other shit, came out to a different ass stroy line....o wellz...i gave it ma time and watch the whole shit...wahevazzz
YaoiRox666 (10/9/2008 @ 9:22 pm)
Personally I didn\'t see the huge hype in the movie. Although, yeah, the last, like, twenty minutes are the best. Was okay. Not scary, but I don\'t feel like I wasted my life on it. And, wow, was she one crazy chick o.o
beegirl (10/12/2008 @ 7:18 pm)
Wasnt as gory as i heard. But teaches you not to get into a relationship with a withdrawn,quiet weirdo. That guy was an idiot.
moi (10/16/2008 @ 6:02 pm)
probably one of the most over hyped movies out there? boring and pointless even the ending did not compensate for the basic plot of boredom i think mike did a good job of putting me to sleep zzzzzzzzzzz
brad (10/16/2008 @ 10:54 pm)
A true classic!!! A good story, well acted with great cinematography. The pace is slow but delibritely so.
ilovejosiecotton (10/28/2008 @ 10:40 am)
You gotta\' love Miike.
spiderlady (10/29/2008 @ 6:45 pm)
This movie creeped out Rob Zombie. That cant be easy. Yeah it is slow but worth it. Americans are too wired toward instant gratification!
ilovejosiecotton (11/2/2008 @ 2:10 am)
Is Miike psychotic a genus or both; i\'m going with both.
Joshua Fernandez (11/4/2008 @ 4:48 am)
It is so terrifying like Dario Argento,s Phenomena and Tenebrae
spanshflwer (11/12/2008 @ 8:52 am)
this movie had brought back creepinest in movies. i loved it. i will have to admit that it does get boring but the ending is something you really cant miss
Funeralstorm (11/20/2008 @ 12:57 am)
A Classic
zuggernaught (12/6/2008 @ 12:12 am)
Deliberate,paced to perfection,ending to die for!!! Slow for people who who have A.D.D. Miike directs maybe his most complete film.

random (12/20/2008 @ 2:35 am)
This movie was terrible
The first two parts were dull
and the last part was disgusting.
Don\'t waste your time
Hime Ichigo (12/20/2008 @ 2:49 am)
No plot
or it is too dull to find.
Very boring
and unneccessary gore.
Kathy (12/20/2008 @ 3:54 am)
I going to cry, I saw the two first and now I can watch the last part
lulu (12/20/2008 @ 10:10 pm)
A real good movie. Thanks!!
infected (12/22/2008 @ 10:47 am)
I found this movie to be pointless. Like many said the ending is all that really matters and it doesn\'t really matter if you follow me. lol to zuggernaughts comment that this is \'deliberate\'; aren\'t most?
Sabz (12/26/2008 @ 7:45 am)
Majorly late response xD but dEeyeY: No it wasn\'t VH1, I believe it was on FX or maybe Bravo... They show the same countdown every year around Halloween and sometimes during summertime. You can even look the ranks up online, it\'s called the Top 100 Scariest Movie Moments and I think it\'s a 2 parter special.
Frankie! (12/31/2008 @ 6:27 pm)
this movie started my addiction
Omnis (1/28/2009 @ 7:16 am)
not bad, a little slow at times but still a good movie.
Gheorghe (2/4/2009 @ 8:51 am)
***SPOILER****Could someone explain to me the part where he has his foot sawed off and then he wakes up in bed with her all fine and dandy, yet at the end of the movie he still is getting his foot sawed off..? im so confused :( :P
Shados (4/2/2009 @ 10:15 am)
I really liked this movie, actually. Miike\'s deliberate style of pacing was top notch, and would really only fit something like this. I\'d agree with the rest of you saying that this is slow if it were anything else. I enjoyed the story. It definitely had more than most \"horror\" films. The acting and cinematography were also well done. 8/10
fyd (4/6/2009 @ 7:33 pm)
dak do nan lamak film siko do....lamak film cibi maruko chan lai/...hahha.....dak takuik stek alah den do
Shy (4/8/2009 @ 12:52 am)
Well... I didn\'t like this movie, at all. Why was she sooo crazy? Who was the man in the bag and why did she have him?
rawr (4/8/2009 @ 11:52 am)
\'Shy\' I think that man was her stepdad
And she kept him cuz she\'s crazy like that O_o;
therealguy (4/24/2009 @ 5:55 pm)
a disturbing movie that i STILL have trouble watching all the way through. some gruesome scenes that definitely leave an impression.
Shane (5/20/2009 @ 7:20 am)
I liked this movie. The actors and acting are great.
chudson (5/29/2009 @ 1:42 am)
I loved it, but it confused the shit out of me!
someone please explain..?
! tinkerbelle i (5/29/2009 @ 10:21 am)
Yeah..good movies. we have one. lol..
tarn (7/11/2009 @ 10:20 pm)
Loved this movie. I think most people with good taste in movies will enjoy this one. THANK YOU ASIAN HORROR.
JenniferLoni (7/30/2009 @ 6:50 pm)
very good. don\'t mess with that woman. A must see movie.
mscash1 (8/8/2009 @ 2:10 pm)
bought this movie a while ago, really enjoyed the twists in it:)
LouLou4u (8/11/2009 @ 7:50 pm)
good movie til the very end....crazy and confusing ending. sorry, maybe I\'m a idiot but I didn\'t get it! 7/10
xan (8/12/2009 @ 5:54 pm)
think i learned that love triangles aren\'t good. neither is abuse. if i can\'t be an actor in movies, i can act in real life (her own words)... was she using monologue from the fake movie (he auditioned for) during their dates - yet he was too naive to notice his own work? he was too out of it to realize the secretary\'s lie about getting married.

it wasn\'t a terrible movie, but the subs weren\'t translated well in some spots. thanks for the stream.
toneone3000 (8/18/2009 @ 7:01 am)
stopped dating for a while after this one. 10/10
jojo (9/2/2009 @ 11:10 am)
OMG The first part of this movie is SO..... FUCKING.... BORING.. I almost couldn\'t sit through it but I guess a movie like this should be watched on the big screen and not on a website.
Hannah (9/21/2009 @ 3:41 am)
Okay, this movie was boring and disgusting.

It took a while to get to the good torture scenes, and they were ruined by...
the eating of certain...
And an apparent pedo.
Meh. Ew. It was okay, but EW.
It took WAY TO LONG to get to the good part. I suggest skipping the first and second parts and just watch the torture.
Charky (9/24/2009 @ 3:53 pm)
This is definately a love it or hate it thing, personally I love this, it\'s one of my favourite films EVER. I think it\'s so amazingly well done and I love Ryo Ishibashi.
michaelj1900 (10/1/2009 @ 9:36 pm)
10 yrs on and much of this films punch has been lost.i bout anyone couldnt see were the film was going .the film is slow and move forward with its own leisure .the film itself is dark and not over lite.this doesnt make it moody ,its almost like a dogma film.flashbacks ,dreams within dream sequences also make trying to solve extractly what we see impossible.however this is one of miike\'s better film and worth a look
Livia (10/3/2009 @ 5:10 pm)
Quite disturbing. I agree with everyone that is saying it\'s slow, but I didn\'t find this the least bit boring. It\'s all a matter of preference. And I find that whatever movie Takashi Miike directs, it\'s amazing.
xixi (10/3/2009 @ 8:29 pm)
:\\ freaky. weird. would give me nightmares but storyline isnt good.
funkmasterridge (10/30/2009 @ 8:54 pm)
masterpiece..beutifully made and for the thinker..then the ending!...omg...slow for a reason to ease you in.....
astarte (11/10/2009 @ 11:40 pm)
don\'t really like this movie becouse:
1-very slow and boring the first 2 parts
2-torture/gore at the end witch personely I\'m not into. If you like gore and are patiens this might be for you.
GretchenRoss (12/9/2009 @ 8:46 am)
I submit a huge GUFFAW to the idiots who are too dense to understand this film.
Step away from the grown-ups fodder and carry on with looking at your picture books.
A masterpiece. Full stop.
Bette (1/7/2010 @ 5:07 am)
Slow moving but climaxing to a real shocker. Good storyline and very good acting. A must see.
xdeaddollx (1/15/2010 @ 1:44 am)
omg! wat a movie! this was goood great actually :D not as gorey as i imagined n thats a good thing
maru (2/21/2010 @ 3:07 pm)
watch it, at least for the fact that it's become such a classic movie basically. it wasn't a bad movie, but it would be better if it was cut down just a tad. it reminds me of all the build up that you go through in tarantino's "deathproof" to finally get rewarded. however, maybe i've just become too much of a gorehound to enjoy this ending that everyone says is so disturbing and how nothing has ever compared to it. i've squirmed to other movies and personally had nothing to squirm about here. i'm not saying things that happen in this aren't totally fucked up. i'm simply saying this graphic wise.
oct_oct (3/30/2010 @ 2:23 am)
This is one of my favourite films. The beggining is false, it seems like a romance.. yet there is horror underlying. Eihi Shiina played Asami beautifully, she really brought out the unsettling nature of Asami. I love how the movie is open to many perceptions.. Read the Novel too, it's great. You understand the character a little bit more and why she did what she did...
Jynxx (4/30/2010 @ 1:22 am)
I watched this a while back and I loved it. I never thought it was slow, it kept my interest. I liked the plot in it. She's one crazy girl :D
Unnar (5/20/2010 @ 10:36 pm)
Liked it from the start, wasn´t bored for a second. Loved the relationship between Aoyama and his son.
maka (5/28/2010 @ 2:14 pm)
wtf is wrong with this movie???? this they called top 10 asian horror movie??? not even worth watching...
(5/30/2010 @ 1:00 am)
Poseidonf12 (6/12/2010 @ 5:33 pm)
Seen this movie many times, not here though. I would definitely recommend. It does tend to drag on a bit, but earily wonderful story. Gotta feel for the deranged yet still hot Asami.
Lena (6/17/2010 @ 3:26 am)
Invalid or unknown link :(
al miller (7/5/2010 @ 5:17 am)
Stupid waste of time...not a classic
nikii (8/4/2010 @ 5:34 am)
this movie is great!!!!! 5/5 stars :D
Kezia Vadimas (8/27/2010 @ 4:58 pm)
Miike tells a story like no other. Beautiful movie!
miina-chan (8/28/2010 @ 1:18 am)
(i had to finish this on youtube cuz megavid won't let me finish. sryy)
if u like this movie, or should i say, can handle watching torture (though i had a hard time watching the one in this movie), then i recommend the korean/viet horror movie Muoi: The Legend of a Portrait. it has a torture scene in it but not as lengthy and has more scary scenes.

i gotta say, Thank God his son came home. ok, in the future, imma raise my kid well so just in case some sadistic person tried to torture me to death, he could kick her down the stairs. lesson learned.