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Sadako 3D

Sadako 3D

asian Horror

Country & Year:   (Japan) (2012)

Tags:   (Horror|Sadako|Found-Footage)


Akane is a high school teacher who hears a rumor from her students that there is actual footage on the Internet of someone's suicide. The footage is said to drive anyone who sees it to also commit suicide.

Akane does not believe the rumor at first, but when one of her female students dies after viewing the footage, she and her boyfriend Takanori are fatefully drawn into the horror...


Sadako 3D (2012)



Helix (10/10/2012 @ 8:10 pm)
Ringu being my fav movie, so naturally got really excited to see this. A good movie, worth the watch but felt more like a monster movie and i was expecting it to be more psychological horror, which it wasn't. Good watch thou. 8/10
Prier (10/11/2012 @ 4:12 am)
Good movie. I wouldn't call it a monster movie, per say. More like...demon/ghost. Wasn't as cool as the original, but worth a watch. Also the actor that played the guy in the "cursed video" was kinda hot. Crazy, but hot. ;)
peegaseu (10/12/2012 @ 4:41 am)
I heard the sequel to this movie will be Sadako versus Predator.
abelard (10/12/2012 @ 11:41 am)
Look at what they've done to poor Sadako!
plop888 (10/12/2012 @ 8:22 pm)
I thought it was a pretty weak follow-up to the first two films.
I like the song played during the closing credits, tho.
Thanks for posting.
browntown (10/13/2012 @ 2:39 am)
3D movie effects look so corny in 2D.

Uh.. I guess it's interesting to make a Ring-like film for a new generation, but I didn't enjoy it. I actually couldn't even finish it because I was so bored. I did like the "old cop, young cop" thing, but I could only stomach watching half of this movie.

I'm sure it would be a lot more fun to watch this in theaters.
LFrog1386 (10/13/2012 @ 3:17 pm)
If I don't compare this to the originals, I find that it was a decently crafted horror film, although there is a lot of CGI for the 3D part. Also, continue watching through the credits to see one last scene-unfortunately the link I saw didn't translate it....looked like the translator thought his job was done when the credits rolled. LOL
Adeno (10/15/2012 @ 9:56 am)
Holy crap... I gave this movie a chance honestly. It started pretty ok and I thought they were just updating the Sadako story for the modern times. The moment the "pretty boy painter" appeared doing some stylish video death, my hope for the movie started dying. When the CGI effects went into full power, I thought the movie already fell into this trap where most movies fail.

What I wasn't expecting though, was the.... Frogdakos from the well. When I first saw the Frogdako, instead of horror and terror, my jaw literally dropped as I was confused as to whether laugh my ass off or just recheck my vision to see whether the movie really turned Sadako into a frog or I was just imagining things. Too add insult to injury, not only was Sadako stripped of her horrifying powers to be turned into frogs, but upon destruction, the Frogdakos explode into...moths?! What the hell was that?!

I bet if there was a real Sadako in a well somewhere, she'd rather be trapped there for eternity than resurrected as a frog creature that explodes into moths.
shuu-chan (10/16/2012 @ 8:14 am)
most RIDICULOUS movie ever. i want my hour and a half of my life back. terrible movie. dont bother.

and lol COMPLETELY agree with Adeno above ^^^^^ it pretty much sums up the movie
Al (10/17/2012 @ 3:33 pm)
Isn't it that the frogdakos are the ones whose bodies were pitched into the well by Kashiwada? So they aren't Sadako, are they??

It was a different movie from the previous series. As a fan of Sadako's stories (except for Rasen/Spiral), I found it not that bad. The only bad thing is that, it did not really end the story, what the hell happened to Akane then? So I am wondering what the woman in black (before the credits rolled) says cos there is no subs in that part! Can somebody tell us what she said?? heheheh
paisley (12/10/2012 @ 5:04 am)
i am watching this because of Shota Sometani!
*Ice~ (12/12/2012 @ 12:37 pm)
I must say that I disagree with the majority of comments here. Yes this differs from the rest of the Ringu series, yes there is quite a bit of CGI, & yes there is less psychological aspect to this one... but still, I'd say it's a good film nonetheless. As for the "Frogdakos" (I personally think they're more like crickets btw), they are indeed the other victims who were thrown into the well as another commenter stated; they are not Sadako herself. & to the commenter somewhere above, that actor is Yusuke Yamamoto, a rather well-known actor. :) I first saw him in Hana Kimi as Kayashima. I also recognized others: an actress from Exte portrayed Sadako here, & there are a couple more I recognize but can't quite place.
Nick (12/17/2012 @ 3:43 am)
So scary... I'm shaking in my kimono ;)NAHT
HorrorJo (1/28/2013 @ 2:14 am)
why can't i watch any movie on here now. it goes to a movie and a circle is in the middle of it going around and around and won't start it
HorrorJo (1/28/2013 @ 2:16 am)
says there is a plug in on the home page but my virus software don't let me download it
Elin (3/23/2013 @ 3:43 pm)
Wow. That was stupid. But still incredibly fun to watch! Thanks so much for uploading this!
tektzby (5/9/2014 @ 1:46 am)
Poor Sadako, she was ripped of too, shame on Koji Suzuki for this XL
(5/14/2014 @ 7:47 pm)

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