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Country & Year:   (Thailand) (2003)

Tags:   (Prophecies|Horror|Thailand)



Strange things start happening when separate twists of fate bring each of three friends, Big, Dan and Beam, into contact with three strangers.

an old woman who tells prophecies, a little girl who sells garlands on the street and a young woman named Aom.


OMEN (2003)



hush_monkey (5/22/2012 @ 2:13 pm)
Quit Creepy. Good watch. Recommended! 8.5/10
plop888 (5/22/2012 @ 8:23 pm)
Bravo! Another great film from the Pang brothers.
Thanks for posting.
troods (5/23/2012 @ 1:56 am)
Broke my heart. Wonderful movie
Bruno the Noobie (5/25/2012 @ 2:32 am)
the story was good at the beginneing... until the last part.. laughed so hard.. was so lame
Bruno the Noobie (5/25/2012 @ 2:33 am)
mrshomersimpson (5/25/2012 @ 10:23 pm)
i can sum up this film in 4 words.

heartbreakingly flawless. Must watch.
mmj (5/26/2012 @ 12:01 pm)
just finished watching the movie, i have to say the guys are soooo cute xxx
aur (5/26/2012 @ 5:33 pm)
makes no sense...
Al (6/2/2012 @ 5:40 pm)
It isn't nice. Skip this one.
mum mum (6/14/2012 @ 12:27 am)
donno if this is a SPOIL: but that dog was back to repay the loves and care those boys had for her.
mum mum (6/14/2012 @ 12:28 am)
the message was for ppl who goes i dont understand or i didnt get it.
Vile009 (10/20/2012 @ 5:07 pm)
Sorry...I'm not good at english , but I'll try to explain in cultural context

The twist based on thai metaphysical perspective (Circle of birth and death, Karmic bond)

First, In thai style's karma belief system, They believe the opportunity meeting someone neither love or hate in your past lives may occurs again in the present life. ( eg. Nang Nak ghost (1999) Nak & Mak swore they want to be life partners again before Nak's soul be sealed). That's why the twist was so ridiculous, illogical or unacceptable for non-thai audience, A poor dog swore decisively that she will look after three guys and hope she can meet them again in her next life.

Next part which I will explain is not concerned about mainstream cultural/belief system, It's complicated plot about ontology and metaphysics. Nevertheless this movie is still hard to understand even among many native thai audience. By the way, If without knowing thai basic religious-cultural beliefs, I think it's hard to relate details and interpret for solving and understanding the whole movie.

The topic was discussed and debated many years ago in "Pantip" the biggest thai cyber community. Okay what we have found is...

The existences of poor child, coffee shop owner & old lady are oneness. They all are "Orm" in 3 aspects beyond space-time but act and think individually

Her omnipresence accidentally happened and connected with three guys through the distorted parallel dimensions (that's why the radio often getting disturbs before "3 Orms" met three guys)

(Omnipresence means the property to being in different places and/or do different acts at the same time, commonly found in religious context eg. god, guardian angel, holy spirit and Parallel dimension/ Parallel world is multiple possible universes )

"Poor child survived form brain injury accident and will grow up to be a cute coffee shop
owner and meet with Beam. Their relationships will lead Beam to death incident. the coffee shop owner will grow old to be a sad old lady who lives alone"

Beam's sequence is the most neutral space-time existence where three guys lives in and assume it as their own reality/universe

While Dan's old lady sequence and Big's poor child sequence became highly distorted between past and future.

The cycle of cause and effect (Karma) getting merged and related chaotically by existence of 3 Orms from different possible universes.

When all Orms could related their mental process clearly and became one, she could remember that her past life was a loyal dog.

Finally, She decided to died in young avatar as a brain damaged patient, for deleting her mature existence that will be a cause of leading Beam into fatal accident. including an elder existence that she still can't forget Beam's death, down in the sorrow until the last day of her life.

So... the effects from multiple possible universes which related to Beam's death were deleted/reduced by her sacrifice. She chose the best thing for three guys.

-I think as least the dog finished her will, she could meet her owners all again.

-This movie should be categorized as "mystery", suspense" genre, not horror

-When the movie released in 2003 Thailand, feedback from thai audience were average-good. Because of thier strong beliefs in the circle the of birth and death and sense of gratefulness. In addition, three main male actors were one of the hottest boy band in thai-pop history called "D2B" Big, Beam, Dan ( The movie use thier real nicknames) They chose D2B for marketing to reach a wider fan audience. It's the first films for D2B. Thus, their acting seem poor like school plays.

- In 2003, the same year that movie was released. Big was in a major accident where his car flipped into a dirty roadside canal, leading to a bacterial infection in his brain. It was the tragic end of their band. After being in a coma and persistent vegetative state for 4 years, Big died in 2007. Dan & Beam are still fine, still being both actor and singer. In horror genre, Dan Worrawech/ Worrawech Danuwong appeared again in Phobia 2 (2009) let's check it out)

-I really understand whoever dislike the movie even after read my article. Although the story want to say something epic/memorable to audience, it has many limitations such as cultural views, newcomer's acting, some scene make no sense /too moody/ immature, too complex narration)

PS: Although I'm not D2B fan but former hater, seeing Big in this movie made me miss my old school days. RIP Big this for dedication.

jasmin (10/26/2012 @ 12:47 am)

Thank you for explaining. I understand perfectly now. Also I am very sad to learn that Big died after the film and at such a young age with so much ahead of him.
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