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Heartbeat (2010) Korean Drama

Country & Year:   (Korea) (2010)

Tags:   (Thriller|Drama|Mystery|Gangster|Organs)



How far would you go to save a loved one ? This Movie shows how Unusual circumstances can drive normal people to disregard anyone else to save their own flesh and blood.If your daughter or son needed a new heart how far would you go ?

This Movie is a powerful and thrilling journey , recommened viewing.


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Jim (5/12/2011 @ 1:00 pm)
This Is a must watch.So powerful and moving.what a situation to find yourself in.I really dont know what I would do.Get your tissues ready for a good cry with this one.That being said it isn't a depressing movie by any means , its very very good.MUST WATCH!
Pria (5/12/2011 @ 3:28 pm)
Fantastic Movie.Had me on the edge of my seat all the way through.The little girl is so kawaii too.
MovieFan1 (5/12/2011 @ 10:07 pm)
I just watched the trailer of this movie, and it seems like an exciting movie. Thank you so much for posting!
plop888 (5/12/2011 @ 10:09 pm)
Decently made. This kind of film isn't for me, though. Way too sappy & spread on too thick. I don't know how many times I said, "Gimme a break!" during this one. But, to each his/her own.
Thanks for posting.
samsara (5/12/2011 @ 11:28 pm)
such a touching movie
Lfrog1386 (5/13/2011 @ 2:16 am)
Is that Yun-jin Kim from Lost?
Maria (5/14/2011 @ 9:35 pm)
Thank you so much for uploading this movie. I have a child and I can ralize how devostating situation would have been, I cried a lot but I loved the end of the movie....

Envigado (5/16/2011 @ 1:58 am)
Great Drama/Thriller Movie, Worth to Watch! 9/10.
gizmo rocks (5/16/2011 @ 12:17 pm)
This movie was really sad made me cry alot .. thanks for posting .... very emotional and heartbreaking
iRai (5/24/2011 @ 10:15 pm)
A must watch movie. 10/10.
Bubbles (5/25/2011 @ 3:43 am)
About to watch the movie, just wanted to confirm that it is Yun-jin Kim from Lost! So excited!
bubbles (5/25/2011 @ 5:39 am)
Now finished watching the movie. Thanks so much for uploading this! Nice to have a break from a horror movie, and I enjoy all asian movies. What a sweet movie, and Yun-jin is really a good actress.
esty (6/2/2011 @ 4:28 am)
stream not found..i even pay for pro version with putlocker..somebody help!!
gom.dol (7/4/2011 @ 7:46 pm)
This was such a great movie. Kim Yunjin is so great, I love all her work. She was great in Harmony too! But I just want to say that he wasn't cursing as much. He was merely saying things like "crap" sometimes. What does it matter though? Such a great movie, I'll definitely have to watch it again soon!
I hope Kim Yunjin does something else soon!
Anon girl (9/20/2011 @ 1:53 am)
Thanks for the upload.

I think what made this film was Yu-jin Kim's acting! She outstanding I don't understand why she's not in more Korean movies.
This is indeed a very sad film but not really everybody's cup of tea. To be honest I was expecting some more jaw-dropping things which shows how far they were willing to go to...

Overall I'll give it a 6.5/10

Oh and the main actor was in the film "The host" (horror)if any of you guys are interested. I believe, a film which is similar to Cloverfield.
Susan (1/15/2012 @ 3:48 am)
A bit slow at the beginning but well worth the watch.
Sick Bastards Ass Raper (2/16/2014 @ 4:09 pm)
Just like another brazilian soap opera
(5/28/2014 @ 4:37 pm)

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