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301 302

301 302

   301 302

1995 K- Horror .This Korean horror movie offers a feminist twist in that it centers on two female protagonists living next door to each other in a high rise apartment.

The title refers to their respective apartment numbers. The story opens as one of the women, a compulsive cook, is being questioned about the mysterious disappearance of her neighbor.....

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**Many Thanks to hobocore**


misa (10/15/2008 @ 3:02 pm)
i liked it. :)
enjoyable to watch.
betabee (11/6/2008 @ 6:50 pm)
some of the subs are missing :S
sniffx001 (12/14/2008 @ 8:29 pm)
What kind of a sick person makes a movie about eating his neighbour?? That\'s just crazy!!!
ounsreymum (1/28/2009 @ 10:55 pm)
its not a full movie all of them are short movies.
Ybur (1/29/2009 @ 4:18 am)
only crazy poeple will do it!
Melhex (2/18/2009 @ 10:23 pm)
Good Movie...Alot of
Kira (4/5/2009 @ 11:47 pm)
Just making her eat ? She don\'t even know what or how someone is not feeling well !!??
Carly (7/15/2009 @ 12:38 am)
This one definitely kept my attention. I was interested through the whole thing and I just KNEW that dog was gonna get cooked...awesome. I would watch this one again, absolutely.
LouLou4u (7/24/2009 @ 10:37 am)
Very strange and bizarre. ..not sure what I think...I feel weird ed and grossed out! What was up w/ the end?? dumb I say! 5/10 is all.
Kiona (8/8/2009 @ 6:05 pm)
Love this movie! ^_^ It shows correctly that anorexic people just could not eat, even if they wish they could. A lot of people think it\'s easy to get them eat. People could take this as an example. (Not the part of killing them of course -_-)
SaeByul (8/10/2009 @ 6:48 am)
This was just strange. It had the university film festival feel to it. lol I wasnt really scared, mostly hungry for some korean food... at least until the dog and girl part. lol
Me (12/9/2009 @ 4:07 am)
The video doesn\'t work anymore... too bad!
noooooooooooooo (3/11/2010 @ 12:58 am)
i wanted to watch this sooooooo bad :(
Irishlad (4/15/2010 @ 9:39 pm)
still not working..:(
Ducky (4/21/2010 @ 3:30 am)
aww the video wont work. Too bad.
sada (ADMIN)
Now Fixed thnx for letting us know
Shiftling (5/29/2010 @ 10:18 pm)
well dammit, i had to read that comment that was an utter spoiler first, didn't i! can someone fix that? sada? *glares at sniffx *
Brutal Murderer (6/2/2010 @ 4:09 am)
Suddenly I have gotten hungry. Good thing I live in an apartment complex.
Meri (7/24/2010 @ 11:09 am)
Wow i really liked this one :) Got me insanely hungry though and I read the spoiler comment first dammit : /